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Wall of stupid quotes:
"Do you know how many girls I could get to strip for me? A lot!" -Batsheep
"It's not rape if you're both scared" -Byowl
"It's like Gaston from Beauty and The Beast, but with a vagina" -Zac
"I'd probably beat off more if I was being paid to do it." -Sean
"If he's retarded, it's his fault" - Chipper
"If you want the real watery poops, eat a lot of pickles... I've actually never had a pickle." -Frost
"Remember when they drop the ball. At Christmas." -Chipper
"i mean i could just spread my ass and get $50 from old perverts" -Zac
"but if i go wont it make the screen bigger" -Nick
"His ejaculate is like butter... it's more like gravy" -MCG & Zac
"Yeah I've got warts." -Zac
"Siaxord phone be will, Huve me Java eror" -Nick
"It's a buddy cop movie but with the Taliban" -Me
"Did you know that Matt pap smear made a video on Hollow Knight?" -Chipper
"there's no reason to be involuntarily celibate, that's why god invented hookers" -Ice T
"9/11 RP got spooky as ♥♥♥♥" -Lambda
"Coom is gay" -Nick
"You thought the animations in 2 were good? Wait till you see the gman grinding on alyx, with nothing but the gmans briefcase for modesty" -Kartoshka
"Bro I only ♥♥♥♥ myself like, every couple months." -Nick
"I'm like succubus but for guys... I mean girls." -Velo
"It's like the Matrix, we're all in black face." -Velo
"the reason that cant happen is because then 2 nick songs are right next to eachother and those are overload" -Chipper
"I feel bad for the Wehrmacht" -Velo, a Jew
"This is gonna sound racist, but that guy looks like an animal" -An Asian
"Invest in comedy bullion today." -Velo
"I'm not a misogynist, I just can't make anything other than pop music." -Chipper
"Just embrace the fact that you're ed sheeran. Don't try to look cool. You're not. You can't be" -Me
"Pickle if you come out as gay I'm blocking you. (Why?) Because you're gay." -Zac, a Gay
"The plot of Dark Souls is that we're gay so we buried the women" -Me
"I support abortion up to 15 years old" -Fonics
"This is the scene where I grape and murder you" -Me
"you won't be talking much after your 'laws' don't protect you from me ripping your face off and eating it" -Charlie
"Doug Wheelers got a new p u s s y... and it's got teeth. " -Chipper & I
"Jaws is tried for his crimes and found guilty. The jury finds him guilty and he is given probation and put under house arrest for 2 years... his house is the ocean." -Me, Potato, & Riley
"Gasoline's got calories, it's good stuff" -Riley
"Black people who dye their hair white are abstract and deserve as much respect as giant squids deep in the ocean. God bless those sperm whale bastards" -Chipper
"The re- ren- renaissance... renes-... renegade castration (He meant to say Resonance Cascade)" -Potato
"You know what else is in both of us? A fire hydrant" -Potato
"I feel bad for Kartoshka... y'know since he's Canadian" -Xander
"Balls smooth like eggs... they've got a sheen" -Chipper & Zac
"Well see the T14 is baller and I’m honor bound to defend that tank just like I am honor bound to defend the various ladies I see in the r/gooning subreddit" -Zac
"Is that a long skirt person? Time to die, I hate Catholics" -Xander
"They call him Doctor Tits on account of the fact that he's got huge tits." -Me
"You want to hear a seahorse fact? There are enough seahorses." -Me
"Imagine the guy from Destroy Build Destroy crushing a seahorse in his hand." -Chipper, not related to the last quote
"I'm not 1488 racist... but..." -Swine
"It's like having a bay window... but your entire house is the bay window... and the bay window is made of flesh" -Kartoshka
"The Chinese will eat the moon" -Me
"I'm too cool to die, check out my Korean slave boy" -Me
"Imagine moving as a piano" -Crow (I asked him what he meant by this, he didn't know)
"The natives got blown the ♥♥♥♥ out, kinda like Doja Cat's ♥♥♥♥♥" -Me
"They didn't put enough little creatures in Dune, I'm done with cinema" -David Lynch
"Third world countries are such a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ good time" -Velo
"That has nothing to do with eating C4" -Me
"I'm a connoisseur of gay Sherlock Holmes." -Chipper
"For a second there I was worried that I might be black" -Kahoot
"Minecraft is a cockroach generator" -Crow
"♥♥♥♥ Gleep I need help, I'm getting mogged on ToonTown" -Chipper
"My hands are not mathematically pure, I need to burn them" -Chipper
"I'm Alex and this is my favorite store on the YIIK" -Riley
"Being a woman is much harder than being gay" -Me
"What the ♥♥♥♥ is wrong with me, I just ate a 12 hour sandwich" -Potato
"I'll eat a horse right now. Give me your Canadian horse meat" -Riley
"The bike horn heralds the coming age of darkness" -Me
"If he's doin' the butt sex that's not gay. But if he's gettin' butt sexed on, that's gay" -Potato
"biden just approved of some drilling but only if the only is sold to europe to help them deal with the angry crisis" -Lordpfief
"Everyone should have a schizophrenic inside of them" -Gleep
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I like black people
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................/\ . . . . . . ."-,,,-'~-~' . . . '|..........
.............,/'`\,`'-, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /\..........
The Guy Aug 13, 2022 @ 8:50pm 
+rep above average nose
Fidel Cashflow Feb 23, 2022 @ 6:23pm 
Lol dude you self quote yourself on your own wall do you need more validation.