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Deep below the water lies the city of Rapture, the ideal city. In it, there are no rulers, you are judged on your actions and thus, your merit. That is also how I will treat this review.
Bioshock (in here for remastered, but it is largely the same for the regular version) is an amazing example of what gaming could be. Players get the choice of which weapons to use and which powers, each have their benefits and downsides. The impact on the guns could be better, as well as the feedback on them (same goes for the plasmids), but it is the atmosphere that really makes this game. As the narrative drives you forward, you will come across the dilapidated remains of a once great city. You will meet people whose mind left them a long time ago and you will be swept up into the rapture. The graphics still hold up quite nicely (remastered or not). So close your blinds, turn off your lights and put on your headphones and let yourself be enraptured by the masterpiece that is Bioshock.

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Intersting, when you will review DARK SOULS?
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