distinguished master gay
jihadi john   Laventure, Flacq, Mauritius
Couple Of Things:
I don't trade
Leave a comment as to why you're adding me or I won't accept.
All of the groups I'm in and names I have are just yokes
My real name isn't actually whatever I've set it to
Join my name a jeff
Everything I've ever said, am saying or will say is a joke in some way, shape or form.
I change my name a lot so you'd better give me an alias.
My hours played / level of skill means literally nothing, I spent about 300 hours alone playing casual when I was too scared to start comping
Salty and bad. Not a good combo.

Boosted Distinguished Master Gay and proud

I'm not actually a furry


I'm in the group 'Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual Gamers' as a joke (You idiot)

I'm in the group 'Hentai!' as a joke (You idiot) (I'm not Hashim Fucking Yasin)

However, I'm in the group 'Gay~' completely unironically, im 2000% into that sweet sweet man ass

I really hate the phrase 'Man ass'

i use skins to fill the little hole on my souls where friends are needed

'You change your name a lot'
shut up
i think its funny
a lot of people think its funny
so shut up

About me

I play games a lot of the time to drown out the pain.

Hobbies include:

Chugging bleach



Sacrificing virgins to the true lord Satan

Recreational squash

YouTube (Watching)

Your nan (Watching ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)))

Being edgy as fuck

PC setup

Processor: Intel® Celeron®

G®aphics Ca®d: Intel® built in HD g®aphixxx

®AM: None (Who even needs ®AM?)

Case: Gene®ic one i found at the dump

Cooling System: 2 Ve®y La®ge Holes in the case (I found it like that)

Powe® Supply: Nuclea® ®eacto®

this fucking desci®ption is about 4213483952389091461651651 ideas put into one confusing mess

'one confusing mess' is the name of my ®eally cool edgy boy band

Ou® next gig is in my mate G®eg's Mum's backya®d come check us out

Weeb cemetery

Mazen is a weaboo

Thomas the Dank Engine is a weeaboo

iliasblond is a weeaboo

DontFly.exe is a weeaboo

i use skins to fill the little hole on my souls where friends are needed
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man just stop cry
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cheating kid without any skill and any balls to spin
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-REP use of aimbot in competitive matchmaking
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GriGri {On Holiday} Aug 9 @ 7:16am