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Animes: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Dragon Ball Z/Super, HunterXHunter.

Games: Grim Fandango , Mirror's Edge , Team Fortress 2 , Hotline Miami , The Messenger , Ghost of Tsushima , Halo 2 , Dying Light , Fallout: New Vegas. , Persona 5, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Color: Purple

Food: Monte Cristo


The game I'm most hyped for in 2023 is Starfield. Dying Light 2 dissapointed me mannnnn. Pain.. look down on my profile for why.

Thanks for reading my profile or something

Also everyone has music linked in there profile with some weird inexplicable phrase attached to it so here it is: The time in which one reflects is the time when one truly lives

God bless the Enclave.

Looking cool Joker!

Im saying Jack is back!

RIP Total Biscuit aka John Bain
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Let me say this now. this game is not as good as Dying Light 1. I said it. The combat seemed to be improved until you realize they made it extremely buggy and less fluid than the original combat. The fact that theres no guns is actually good but i would rather play DL1 with no guns. Same with the parkour, wow tons of new moves including wall runs and d-...... Wait a second, double jumping? yea the parkour is cool but they removed it from reality so bad, give me the og parkour too. And the story is just as bland as ever. Almost every character just ends up betraying you and none of the characters are as fun and memorable as the ones in DL1. Thats my rant on this game, I love dying light, i waited all this time for a sequal to surpass metal gear, but it never came...

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Im saying jack is back!
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+reputation. Likes to watch me sleep at night and count each and every breath I take.
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literal chad
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good sport. cute dwight mad respect
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wholesome and cool individual