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10:02 PM - TJ [Prime=CSGODialup]: tell me the fuck story
10:02 PM - TJ [Prime=CSGODialup]: LOL
10:02 PM - TJ [Prime=CSGODialup]: TYPO
10:02 PM - TJ [Prime=CSGODialup]: DUCK*
10:02 PM - Fb||GhostVenom™: LOL

9:16 PM - KennySilver: hey faggle waggle

[3:51:45 AM | Removed 3:52:33 AM] TahiJ (TJ): This message has been removed.
[3:52:31 AM] TahiJ (TJ): i haz to let this out ur a fucking gay go fucking shit on some male strippers you fuckijg nigger

7:18 PM - phosforic ★KillerKitten: it looks look

CZ75-Auto: I made a girl pregnant cuz I took too long to pull out

5:55 PM - phosforic ★GhostVenom: kik is for desperate white teenage boys

7:13 PM - I <3 AK-47: were malt sluts

8:28 PM - I <3 AK-47: Sit down and drink your porn juice

8:24 PM - Weeaboo: OMFG
8:24 PM - Weeaboo: I LOOK TO MY RIGHT
8:24 PM - Weeaboo: KITTY
8:24 PM - Weeaboo: POPPED
8:24 PM - Weeaboo: A
8:24 PM - Weeaboo: KITTO

2:26 PM - 0rockstar0: Scammers are the steam version of isis

10:51 PM - Vlishaw: okay. btw ill also take the animall themed t shirts with the glass or the lunch money
10:51 PM - Shia surprise[FuccOff]: nooo
10:51 PM - Shia surprise[FuccOff]: not my animal themed t-shirts D:

5:08 PM - its ya boi exoticbutters: LOL
5:08 PM - its ya boi exoticbutters: BRB
5:09 PM - its ya boi exoticbutters: I GOT A CLOTHESPIN
5:09 PM - its ya boi exoticbutters: STUCK IN MY TEETH

5:10 PM - exoticbutters #Trump4Prez2k16: i
5:10 PM - exoticbutters #Trump4Prez2k16: have an irrational fear
5:10 PM - exoticbutters #Trump4Prez2k16: of cinnamon toast crunch

10:15 PM - Donald Trumpet: *INAUDABLE SCREECHING*

9:43 PM - Rush B: /define pornography
9:43 PM - Butt: 1) educational programming recommended junior high students who need to see how its done2) a collection of dvd's stored in your dad's closet marked 'baby pictures'

1:35 PM - Disobedient Christmas Tree: dude
1:35 PM - Disobedient Christmas Tree: for christmas
1:36 PM - Disobedient Christmas Tree: my moms friend
1:36 PM - Disobedient Christmas Tree: gave her a dildo lollipop

11:54 PM - TJ: i am sexually afraid of monsters under my bed

10:17 PM - Nigga McSucc: im really scared of radios

Adam_The_Filthy: You're a failed abortion whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.
✪HopPer: rip

9:58 PM - Vlishaw: I had a gut feeling that one day a Microsoft application was going to try to pitch that or viagra to me

3:11 PM - DonnieMcTrumpinson: 1 thing tho
3:10 PM - Microsoft Powerpoint: bypass
3:11 PM - DonnieMcTrumpinson: ur still a virgin and im not :^)
3:10 PM - Microsoft Powerpoint: u wish
3:11 PM - Microsoft Powerpoint: ur mom doesnt count :^))
3:11 PM - DonnieMcTrumpinson: no
3:11 PM - DonnieMcTrumpinson: but urs does
3:11 PM - Microsoft Powerpoint: ohh

DonnieMcTrumpinson: norton goes off of suspicion and not actual scanning
Adam_The_Filthy: I Have Never Gotton A Virus
Adam_The_Filthy: So My Parents Arent Gonna Change
DonnieMcTrumpinson: no shit because norton cant detect them

6:53 PM - d o n n i e t r u m p: does your dick change colors
6:53 PM - Ursa Major: wha
6:53 PM - Ursa Major: the
6:53 PM - Ursa Major: fuck
6:54 PM - d o n n i e t r u m p: i swear
6:54 PM - d o n n i e t r u m p: mines a cameleon

DonnieTrump: hey dude
DonnieTrump: i have a selfie of u
DonnieTrump: yep
Niko Rexha: I swear...
DonnieTrump: lmao

DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): nono
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): nono
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): btw
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): i made a csgo hack
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): took the time
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): made
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): an actual hack
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): just walls and triggerbot
Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
Connected again and rejoined chat.
Fenrir is now Offline.
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): — The Steam client will validate and enforce csgo.exe’s digital signature at launch.
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): – The CS:GO executable and DLL binaries are now digitally signed. This allows for better integration with antivirus software and for game integrity checking.
DonnieTrump(MLG Scoutlord): hacks are detected now LOL

7:27 PM - Havardr: is it socially acceptable for me to identify as a dishwasher
7:27 PM - Vlishaw: Sure
7:28 PM - Vlishaw: doesn't mean your a woman though

9:54 PM - Vlishaw: Hell yeah, Britain spells canceled "cancelled because we gave them the L in 1776
9:54 PM - Havardr: shit yo

11:09 PM - Vlishaw: You don't want to blow your chance, you want her to blow you

Vlishaw: Looks like I'm gay for the night

Vlishaw: No one messes with me when I'm on Heroin!

Vlishaw: I'm thinking of killing myself after high school.

3:51 PM - worst silver NA ;(: did u nut in her
3:53 PM - GhostVenom: no
3:53 PM - worst silver NA ;(: good
3:53 PM - worst silver NA ;(: we dont need retarded venom babies that scream profanity in bingo games

12:33 PM - TJ: we got sum big loaves

9:51 PM - TJ: are you sexually afraid of cheeto curls

10:15 PM - Ryan: I'll take the genocidal maniac that americans put on their money instead of the ones they demonize and bring up whenever you mention a remotely left wing idea

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