Nebukadnezar II
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The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything" - Joseph Stalin

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The one who controls the present controls the past and future.
War Is peace!
Freedom Is Slavery!
Ignorance Is Strength!
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Nebukadnezar II 5 hours ago 
Delete them yourself.
常春藤 8 hours ago 
Have a nice weekend!
haj agen =ppPPpPpP 14 hours ago 
Delete my comments! I dont want anyone to see. DELETE THEM NOWM
۞ შანოვან ۞haj agen =ppPPpPpP LAST WARNING LEAVE MY FREND ALONE! 1 He is a ♥♥♥♥ing conservative that is intrested and inspired By AustroFacisme I am annoyed BYE IDIOTIC CHILDREN BEING ON STEAM ACTING COOL LEAVE MY FREND ALONE OR THIS WONT BE THE LAST YOU HEAR FROM ME. And this is from a dude that is actualy inspired by national socialism and marxism leninisme all together which nebukadnezar can prove and confirm. Ein reich Ein Führer. Now pls leave my conservative frend alone. Yes I aint a pure communist or National socialist but im using both ideolgyes as base for my own ideolgye. SO ♥♥♥♥ OFF!
Nebukadnezar II May 23 @ 2:33pm 
You're embarrassing yourself.
haj agen =ppPPpPpP May 23 @ 2:32pm 
shut up #EAT THE RICH