Aspiring engi main, most non toxic overwatch player, professional sawed off shotgun player in csgo, most human looking shrub gamer in pubg.
Worlds best Abaddon player.
The I in my name stands for interesting, the S for skill. Fight me one on one, I will show you, how bad winning can feel.

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Cap'n Chris: "C-Men - We want to make little girls feel happy"
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Chris May 20 @ 8:02am 
I mostly play CM but i can play nearly anything except meele character im sorry uwu. Im exactly what u was looking for.❤️
Dashij! Apr 5 @ 8:39am 
I am the uwtimate advancement in femboy engineewing. I have pewfected the awt of being both cute and feminine whiwe wetaining that which makes me a man: an unfowtunate amount of haiw that must be constantwy shaved. I am what thousands, nay, miwwions of yeaws of evowution has wed up to, to bwing us fwom ape, to man...and now, to femboy. I weaw govewnment appwoved thigh highs. I dine on the finest and most technowogicawwy advanced soy buwgews, devewoped in a wab to dewivew the highest amount of feminizing phytoestwogens. Testostewone-fiwwed bwos feaw me, women want to be me, and gay men want to be with me.

This is what it means to be a femboy...I have been gwanted unwimited powew.
Dashij! Feb 23 @ 6:08am 
Aspiwing engi main, most nyon toxic uvwwatch pwayew, pwofessionyaw sawed off shotgun pwayew in csgo, *huggles tightly* most human wooking shwub gamew ^w^ in pubg.

The I in my nyame s-s-stands fow i-intewesting, the x3 S fow skiww. Fight me onye on onye, I wiww show you, how bad >w< winnying c-can feew.
Dashij! Feb 23 @ 6:05am 
In this video, me and my fwiend Geowge awe gonna suck eachothews bawws Wiww we ♥♥♥ befowe the time wuns out? Awso, accowding to YouTube statistics 90% of viewews who watch my videos awe wittwe ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ So if you haven't subscwibed yet Go ♥♥♥♥ youwsewf [Video stawts] Dweam: You weady Geowge? Geowge: Yeah, I'm pwetty excited Geowge: DWEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM Dweam: SHUT UP I'M TWYING Geowge: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [Incohewent panting] [Chase music intensifies] Dweam: OH GEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWGE Geowge: DWEAM STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP
Dashij! Feb 10 @ 11:55am 
I killed you multiple times with mmph on 2nd and last. Schizo alert?

i played pyro throughout and you didnt. from a guy who said pyro is easy u sure didnt execute well So not only did you rage quit on pyro you rage quit the game. You had everything to gain by staying but nope you left.

i ran away because you were ubercharged and i had no airblast. The only thing to do is run away, but you chased me to spawn, wasted the uber AND YOU STILL DIDNT KILL ME.

not once did i say tf2center. you brought that up yourself. The videos on my profile are not from tf2center they are from actual matches, things you dont know about clearly with your 2 for 17 on a tf2center lobby

you played pyro and spy. you suck at pyro. therefore you cant play any class other than spy. U lied in your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ essay so i cant believe you for anything else.

dont bother replying ♥♥♥♥♥♥ because you clearly are out of your league, literally.
Dashij! Dec 30, 2020 @ 5:21am 
Bewwe 💓 Dewphine 💃🐠😷 iws beyond 👉 divine 😰. I 👁 cawn't ❌ hewp 🆘 but 🍑 dwop ⬇ tuwu mwy knees 👇 in wowship 🙏👼😇 whenevew 🏪 I 👁 sea 👁 hew 👩 beautifuwu 😍 figuwe 🚫💪👴 even 🌃 dough 💥 it's behind ↩😍 dat unnecessawy 😶 gym 🏋 cwodes 👙👚👕. I-I 👁 yeawn 😡 fow hew 👩 in a way 💫 bod Pwimaw 🦍 awnd spiwitwaw 👼🏼. I 👁 wouwd commit 👩‍🔬 mowe waw 🔫 cwimes 🔫🙆 dan evewy ☝ pwesident 🇺🇸 in United 🆗🇺🇸 States 🇺🇸 histowy 📂📜📚 juwst tuwu wick 👅💦 teh sweet 🍯, gwistening 😎👦 sweat 💦 fwom hew 👩 s-smood 😭, cweamy 💦 skin 👨. I 👁 wawnt 😋 tuwu wisten 🎧 t-tuwu hew 👩 moans 😩 as mwy manhood 🍆 dwobs 💢 widin 👌5⃣ hew 👩