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Maximilian   Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
The Internationale. Die Internationale
A las barricadas United Front
From each according to his ability to each according to his need
Stop the Crisis smash the System what we need is Socialism

Siamo Tutti Antifacisti! 🌹
Nie wieder 1933-1945

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Hello there! My name is Maximilian but feel free to call me Max. Im 19 years old I live near Frankfurt, Germany. Feel free to add me :).

Intel i7 6700k overclock 4.4hz
Geforce GTX 1070 MSI
Z170A Pro Carbone Gaming MSI
SSD 850 Evo
3 Terra HDD
bequiet 600 midi tower
Logitech G633 Headset (Wallhack)
Razer Black Mamba Tournement Edition (Aimhack)

Random Stuff:
:csgox: Political ideology: Liberterian Socialist / Democratic Socialist
:csgox: Supporter of Left Unity / United Front
:csgox: I believe that social democracy is a good thing and a step into the right direction before a transition to socialism.
:csgox: I support an independent Kurdish state
:csgox: I don't recognise the annexation of Crimea
:csgox: I support the European Union but I don't agree with all its policies
:csgox: Erdogan is a fascist
:csgox: Love can not be defeated. Marrige for everyone or no one.
:csgox: Brexit? When the Old destroy the future of the young
:csgox: Look up Richard Wolff on Youtube, he is savage.
:csgox: I think that the American people can only restore their democracy through a Revolution.

Monuments may crumble
And nations turn to dust
The wheels of worlds may tumble
Or grind until they rust

And millions may surrender
And bend beneath their fear
But the flames of our resistance
Are just waiting for some air

So play the card of violence
Play the card of fear
And when your hand is empty
We will still be here
And whether we have weapons
Or whether we have none
We'll rise up and defey you
Until this battle's won
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:csgoa:-eine starke Orga im Rücken die euch in allen Lagen unterstützt.

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