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My Greenlight Collection List

Humble Bundle Store,Indie Game Stand & Groupees gives you drm free + steam key if available.So if you want steam + drm free I suggest them.

------ Some of my fave must get indie games -----
*Terraria - A chaotic dig,craft build mess of mayhem & fun

*Rim world - Build a space colony, deal with a sadistic director A.I.
Homepage: []

*Prison Architect -Build your prison,govern it as you see fit Homepage: []

*Don't Starve - Forage,hunt,gather,farm,run,stay sane,craft,survive. Homepage: []

*Sword of the stars:The Pit - A sci-fi rogue-like
SoTS-The Pit

*Dungeons of Dredmore Complete - A interesting heavy on the item drops rogue-like , lots of mods for it a good blast.
DOD Complete

*Torghlight II - A fun funky steampunk dungeon crawler,lots of mods
TL 2

*Grim Dawn - A dungeon crawler with a Diablo II feel made by the TQ devs
Grim Dawn

*Cities Skylines - A modern city builder a great companion to SC4 Deluxe
Cities Skylines

ElectrionicArts+GFWL+$60 Games=Axis Of Evil

Indie Games are my lord and master.
A,AA,& AAA titles are my needy childs
Steam is my affair ,but DRM Free Games are my lover (✿◠‿◠)

My End of the world list of things to do

(1)A lovely lass
(3)Watch more tv,movies,and anime then my retina can tolerate
(4)Read me a ton o Novels + Manga
(5)Play some vid games
(6)Listen to some kicking music
(7)Enjoy one hell of a spa treatment
(8)Sleep like there is no tomorrow
(9) Write my lifes story in 50 pages or less
(10) Tell the world to kiss my ass while watching the sky fade to black

Proud Supporter of the Stallion Cause FULL FORCE!

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Other sites to check when buying games
:healthvial: Sites to help find Deals :healthvial:
Steamdb []
SteamPrices (SteamStore only Prices) []
IsThereAnyDeal (Shows prices from various stores) []
CAG (PC & Console deals posted) []
Reddits Game Deal Posting Section

:healthvial: DRM FREE Only sites :healthvial:
GOG(owned by The Witcher Developers []

:healthvial: Bundle Site Storefronts w/Steam + DRM Free or Steam only. :healthvial:
Humble Bundle []
fanatical []
IndieGala []

:healthvial: Bundle sites no storefront :healthvial:
Groupees []

:healthvial: Sites that sell AAA/Indie Steam Games often on sale :healthvial:
Amazon []
New Egg []
GamersGate []
Wingamestore []
Macgamestore []
UK GamesPlanet []
Funstockdigital []

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