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Berkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
While you may be correct, your avatar is a pony. This makes you inherently incorrect.

Sorry, but its just how the world is.
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Geese Origins 10. kvě. 2018 v 21.42 
Playing BL2 with Uncle be like
Uncle Marine 7. kvě. 2018 v 7.31 
This boy is taking a 6 year old game competitively by using some umpa lumpa ♥♥♥♥ just to "play" on a online session
Social Justice Windranger 2. zář. 2017 v 6.56 
Throwback to one of geeses peace stash buyers for getting tradebanned also, "biggest price"
Social Justice Windranger 2. zář. 2017 v 6.55 
Hi I want to scam you on all the ♥♥♥♥ you have
ForteSP 14. čvn. 2017 v 14.27 
Hi I am a collector interested in your copy of Dishonored preorder. I have a preorder of dishonored 2 and would love to make a set ^.^. I have added you to discuss.