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Meme powered steambot extraordinaire.

Hi there, welcome to my Steam Profile page. Have a good day!

"I'm here to kick gum and chew ass. And I'm all out of ass." - Dick Kickem

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"I grow, untamed and untended."
'ello, pleased to make your acquaintance.

Who are you?

As you've probably guessed by my Real Name section, the name's Kyle and I live up north, eh?
I'm shy, which may come to a surprise to some people I know, but that's that. I try my very best to be chill and as open as possible, but I'm not all that good at starting conversations. Sorry.

I also sketch character designs and give them stories.

Games I'm into (On PC):

- Don't Starve & Don't Starve Together: Probably my two favorite games on Steam right now, as evident by my profile being mostly populated by things from Don't Starve (Together).

- Dead by Daylight: I main Ace as a survivor & main Hag as the killer. If you are here on my profile because of Dead by Daylight, i'm sorry. :DSTskull:

- Team Fortress 2: I'll play this occasionally to unwind and relax, really. I "main" Scout & Demoman.

- Darkest Dungeon: I love the art style and the character designs, the combat system is extremely engaging and flawlessly designed, too.

Games I'm into (On Console/PS4):

- For Honor: The game I'm addicted with right now, I'm a part of the Vikings faction, I'll do my best to show honor to those who show it to me!

- Call of Duty WWII: The first Call of Duty game I've bothered playing since Advanced Warfare, but I've actually been enjoying it. Feels good to have boots on the ground COD back.

- Fortnite: I'll only play this if a friend invites me. I know it's all the rage these days but I couldn't get into it. It's a good chuckle with friends, though.

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I_Troll_U_M8Y_ Jul 2 @ 12:34pm 
awesome killer!ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Axelocke Jun 23 @ 11:02pm 
You have my word, you shall be buried peacefully.
I've also taken the liberty to order a bouquet for the grave. :DSTtophat:
spit in my mouth Jun 23 @ 10:58pm 
bury me with the horse.
Little Girl Mar 21 @ 5:32pm 
Blessed by RNGesus and I hate it
Aqua Jan 6 @ 8:31pm 
Blessed by RNGesus and I hate it
dorito slut Aug 31, 2017 @ 5:41pm 
10/10 let me stun with a pallett and didnt hit me till the end of the match