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Hello everyone! First of all, here are few things you should know before you add me:

:bolt: I don't care about Steam Trading. Sorry.
:bolt: I don't accept totally random invitations, but feel free to add me, if you know me from Half-Life, Sven Co-op or some other game.
:bolt: If you want to add me and your profile is private, please make a comment down bellow ...unless I already know who you are.

And here are a few links and information about some projects I'm involved in:

Sven Co-op
I'm game/engine programmer on the Sven Co-op Team. If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you want to report a bug, please visit our forums [] or join the Official Sven Co-op Discord Server []. You can also contact me directly, either here on Steam, or on Discord (GeckonCZ#7243).

GeckoN's GoldSrc Model Viewer
GSMV - The ultimate model viewer for GoldSrc, and also the ultimate vaporware. I want to say thank you for all the support regarding the GSMV project. It keeps me motivated to finish this thing. It started as a small (more or less personal) project, but it has grown into something much bigger... Release date: soon(TM).

My old MDL v4 and MDL v6 viewers for Half-Life Alpha are still available here:
Half-Life MDL v4 Viewer (v0.1a) [] (no model decompiler for v4, yet...)
Half-Life MDL v6 Viewer (v0.3b BETA2) [] (model decompiler included)

My YouTube account .
My website [] (currently under construction).
And finally my Discord username: GeckonCZ#7243

Public Sven Co-op servers
GeckoN's Public Sven Co-op Server [http//%26quot%3Bsteam]
GeckoN's Survival Sven Co-op Server [http//%26quot%3Bsteam]
GeckoN's They Hunger 24/7 Server [http//%26quot%3Bsteam]

The server is located in Europe (Czech Republic). Every time you :dos: the server, a kitten dies! (Unless you don't like cats, in which case 1 pc of *whatever you like* dies, no respawns!)
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Huguito Nov 12 @ 5:17pm 
GeckoN[CZ] Nov 12 @ 2:54pm 
One of the moderators I guess, because it got derailed. You are welcome to create a new topic if you have more questions. Or join our Discord server:
Huguito Nov 11 @ 7:24pm 
Who closed my sven coop discussion?
vlasty Oct 12 @ 2:46pm 
Good playa and nice cooperation. :hp_audrey:
GeckoN[CZ] Sep 1 @ 6:05pm 
Thanks, Volvo ftw!
KILLDY Aug 31 @ 2:42pm 
Nice profile Valve fan :weed: