Raymond Calle
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
"We are tools in one man's gain, able to shape the world in his eyes, but what he fails to see is the world he shaped is hollow inside and soon as he turns his back it falls and not before hitting the ground, it shatters around him into shards sharp enough to cut any who try to pick it up and used against who created it leaving in the end nothing but blood & forgotten memories in the unforgivable and cruel passage of time."

: Rurni Manidor to Olyus Alok Blueflame
"A dream is moulded in clay as a man who forges his own destiny, patients."

"From keeping a empire from falling is to build it with more then one man who see the shape of the world as you do."
(Means man who dreams to shape the world, his dream may not coexist with others so when the man dies so does his dream)

: Quotes of Rurni Manidor
Councillor, Advisor and Sorcerer to People of Ezlechcast Republic
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