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Personal Achievements

Start with clean slate

Forget skill points and clear your mind

Short break (for soul)

Have some recovery near barstand

Careful, doors are closing

Descent a little, like it wasn't enough

Killing aggregate

Equip the Bolt_O_Throw V4.8


Equip the Bolt_O_Throw V15.16

Pack mule

Equip the shoulder bag

Now, the darkness will fear me!

Equip the crystall lamp

Hope I won't need this

Find a first aid kit

Touching of Almighty

Equip all of the M.I. clothes

High magic

Trunsmuffinicate something


Learn the mage mastery


Learn the mage mastery


Restore health with unknown potion


Loose some health with unknown potion

WHAT are you doing?!

Eat the disgusting meat shield...

Hotel robbery

Unlock the hotel storage

Unauthorised invade

Unlock the Check-point storage

Twizzys shenanigans

End the Twizzys shenanigans

Mushroom mistery

Locate mushroom investigation

Mushrooms party

Have a nice time in a mushrooms party

Modern art perfomance

Banish the evil out of the dark picture

Stop the usurpation

Kill the Usurper

It can't be true!

Complete the easy difficulty

Deep breath!

Complete the normal difficulty

Trick the DEATH

Complete the "Leper" difficulty


Learn the ranger mastery