garmdian   Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Welcome! You just stumbled on the greatest profile ever (not really) if you are here to trade my backpack link can be found at the bottom of this summary. If your looking for a friend or just simply looking to say hi then just pop me a coment on my page before friending me. Thanks for stopping by!

Want more info? Ok well here you go then: I play mostly TF2 and LFD2 and will sometimes play PUBG or Sims 4. I like a good burger and I cook some mean scrambled eggs, my favorite classic disney animated movie is princess and the frog, my favorite disney song is friends on the other side from said movie and my favorite disney movie overall is Inside out. If you want to know more then you should rethink your life choices as you wonder about a random dude on the internet.

My link:
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very good engie man
BM.Mr.Superdoge 26 DIC 2019 a las 1:59 
Merry Christmas Garm! :onemoresoldier::cozyspaceengineersc:
a 21 DIC 2019 a las 21:24 
+rep Helped me out in a tough spot, even got my second unusual by him
Gigachad [No Sound] 14 DIC 2019 a las 20:24 
+rep You didn't have to man, I was happy to help.
Flyfriend28 7 NOV 2019 a las 17:47 
+rep Makes good offers!
Puppyjawz 8 OCT 2019 a las 15:09 
+rep my first unusual trade done thanks to this guy