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Posted: Nov 26, 2016 @ 12:17pm
Updated: Nov 26, 2016 @ 12:31pm

This is an exceptionally well done game. The attention to detail is outstanding.

It basically follows the 16-bit (SNES, Genesis, Amiga, etc) style of platformer except here everything is in HD. The levels are colorful, well drawn and most important there is a good amount of interaction.

The gameplay is very good! It's the kind of game that encourages exploration with the idea that if you die no big deal you've learned something so try again armed with the knowledge you just gained. That is old school. And here it is very well done.

The pace of the game is a bit on the slow side for my personal taste but certainly not so much as to ruin the game. The only part that I think absolutely should be faster is when you die. I don't want to wait for my bunny angel to rise up to heaven. Perhaps there is a way to skip that sequence but I have not found it yet. When I die I want to be able to immediately get right back to the start of the level and start playing again.

Besides that this game is excellent! Oh another thing I want to mention is the music & sounds. Both are superb. The music puts me in a sort of fun lazy mood. The sounds are very effective at complementing the on-screen interaction. Overall the entire game is very well done and it is easy to see the developer spent a lot of care and time creating this game.

Highly recommended if you enjoy platform games.
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