⌛️▼ The Marker💚
Hello i am the marker im a timelord i got a police public call box that is well known to be a tardis its can travels anywhere in time and space. And love roleplaying and play games do mlp fim stuff.
Fav games. Dead space and resident evil and halo.
Fav animal wolves and horses.
Fav show. Doctor who and Mlp fim.
Fav color. Blue red purple pink and black and green.
Fav character. Isaac Clarke, Albert Wesker, Queen Chrysalis, Pinkie pie, vinyl scratch, octavia, derpy, the doctor, duke nukem, dnf and dn3d alien queen. Alexia, Rachael, Undyne, Alphys, frisk, Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, Sans,Papyrus, Muffet, Don Dorcha

My role. Good and evil.
My weapon of choice. Samurai's Edge, Desert Eagle, H.K USP 40 with silencer, SCAR L and SCAR H, AUG, and sniper rifles as well
My tools. Sonic and laser scrawdriver, plasma cutter, and biohazard chemicals.
Companions. Vinyl, chrysalis, maneiac, molestia coming soon, Albert wesker, duke nukem.
The marker's wife. Queen chrysalis, princess molestia, vinyl scratch, mane-iac,

I doing rp as pony
And anthro arp
And erp
And regeneration moments
And transformation to anthro
The marker's master, the master
2 is Albert Wesker
And working for Umbrella Corporation
And CEC and is a former member of religion called unitology
http://youtu.be/FRrOI7By5fc 9th incarnation's theme
http://youtu.be/pkStjQC_APw 10th incarnation 's theme
http://youtu.be/PcagHjJRl4I the master's theme
http://youtu.be/I8G1G19n7jg 10th incarnation after converted to a hybrid of changeling and timelord and is or so Albert Wesker's theme

░░█░░█░░█░░█░ put this
░░████░░████░ on your page
░░█░█░░░█░░░░ if you roleplay
Character of the marker
Gender stallion and mare
Fur color dark red and black
Mane color red and bright red
Personility is diffecult
Race unicorn and alicorn
Species time lord and hybrid of time lord and changeling.

Species: Orc
Gender: male
Faction. Horde
Proffesion. Zen master engineer and grand master cook
Skin color green
Brown hair and beard
Class warlock
Lives in Orgrimmar in 20 years at Horde military
Rank scout
Lives now in Dalaran
Loyal world explorer and friendly to must worgens and other kind.

Dj marker
Fur greyish black
Mane red and black
Eye color green and red
Family, mother vinyl scratch and father the marker
Love dubstep and techno
Species time lord
Race unicorn and alicorn
I dont accept private profile or unidentified name i dont accept unless they i know there name

I do troll and say my name trolling if you dont know what say my name trolling is you find out by watching LiP say my name bitch series.
Rules about rp
1 do not RRP which means random roleplaying example you dont ask for rp
2 its ok to erp if you ask me im doing it is not instantly but randomly sequence
3 i am certainly only count as protagonist if i am involved in certain game where my oc is not in, such as undertale or any games i am familiar with
and to my live stream Channel. https://www.twitch.tv/gamermarker15
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happy serious christmas
Miuzore Dec 26, 2017 @ 6:24am 
Upr is gay happy christmas btw I see that copypasta everywhere
thanks and you too
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╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓∩║   MERRY CHRISTMAS & │∩ │◥███◣ ╱◥███◣
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springy sweet's basics Aug 27, 2017 @ 4:57pm 
I'm am a brony
Miuzore Aug 27, 2017 @ 1:55pm 
I'm lesbo, but URP is gay.