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On the 7th of April 2020, the EU top 5 player known as St0uty invaded our native and sacred OCE servers and attempted to destroy our treasured and innocent platinum and gold players. But one stood in his way to defy his evil and exe drags. I, Gaffy single handedly 5-0d the menace and repelled the EU invaders and forced him back to farming the disgusting NA virgins. And so I return to spamming scroll up in FL and Invasion servers and never learning how to properly drag, triggering but protecting our innocent low elo players from the hell of fighting actual skill.
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Well with me reaching over 1,000 hours for SL in about mid december I thought to myself it was high time I wrote a review for this and I quote- "PASSION PROJECT" that has attracted the attention of so many SCP fans on steam and YT alike so lets just get this over with.

Best you can get SCP Multiplayer game currently available-
When I mean best I don't mean that there are currently other multiplayer SCP games competing with SL, I mean that this is really the only one available so you got this or you go back to CB. This right here is your only option for a multiplayer SCP experience, and lets be honest here I doubt SCP Ascension is going to be that good with the price tag they are putting on it and the dwindling development team it has.

Experiencing SCPs and getting to play as them first hand-
Seeing that red text pop up on your screen and hearing that distinctive crying as 096 is one of the best dopamine givers bar none, its the feeling of knowing how deadly and terrifying your presence is to human classes that gives the umph to being him and the other SCPs (some not so much, will talk about that later). Especially while playing human classes is any SCP a terrifying thing to have to deal with, knowing that one mistake will likely get you killed as nearly all of them will kill you immediately either sending you to their own dimension or turning you into the walking dead can really give a good fear factor off until you learn how to counter it with quick wits and map generation knowledge.

Now unfortunately this is where the pros end, I tried very hard to think of seriously anything good about the "SL Experience" that would make you want to come back but I really can't.

Absolutely appalling updates and schedules-
The recent "Mega patch" trio of updates the devs have promised us has not gone off to a good start with MP1 being released in mid december of 2018 it has taken them nearly a year to get something new out and including the lacklustre amount of content included within MP2 its pretty easy to see why some of the community is not exactly impressed with how the devs are handling updates to the game. MP2 brought in a revamped medical system which to be honest needed to be in the game ages ago as medkits rendered SCP-939 (a dog like reptile) nearly useless as they could be abused to avoid his damage nearly entirely and SCP buffs that once again needed to be in the game desperately as there was a clear amount of unbalance within the SCP category that was kept like this for A YEAR. This isn't even mentioning the buggy mess that MP2 currently still is and was on launch day with people being killed by the "Revamped anti cheat system" that killed players for flying because most of the time half of the map in heavy containment zone was missing but was thankfully patched quickly, ironic I know. Most of the excuses the devs will pull out of their ♥♥♥ for lack of updates are along the lines of "SOON™" and other stupid phrases, not even mentioning the pay wall that the devs put on their patreon to see what the new updates will actually contain and they even screw that up as in 2019 they lost half of their patreon supporters because of a lack of info being given and generally bad communication with them.

Gun fights and broken attachments-
Gun fights currently are literally all down to who lands a lucky headshot first with spray and pray and to who is using what gun. Even with MP2 bringing in weapon stat changes, the "meta" for gun combat is still the same with the logicer dominating close quarters combat and spamming down hallways with a sniper scoped E-11 rifle. Attachment balancing has always been a touchy subject especially for the E-11 with most of them giving a good buff to your gun but a downside included but unfortunately specific attachments like the gyroscopic stabilizer that give you 25% less recoil for your E-11 have literally zero downsides and muzzle attachments that will make your gun into a literal lazer pointer that kills anything instantly on headshot. There is very little skill when it comes to fights like this and it should have been improved on more in MP2.

The community-
Your usual age bracket for SL is probably around 11 to 20 years old and is saddening that its more prominent in the lower end of that scale with most of this games player base being brought in by click bait youtube thumbnails and videos that make the game seem way more stupid and silly then it actually is. You will find nearly no one playing objectives properly and just messing around for no apparent reason, call me a tryhard all you want but you can still have fun while doing your job. And when it does come to actual combat people will cry "hacker" if you have even the slightest hint of what you know your doing by using broken attachments or game mechanics to your advantage to protect their own self esteem and grow their online gamer genitalia larger. This is particularly the case with the E-11 rifle, using a sniper scope and the broken map generation allows for some easy headshots as people will never think of what their opponent is actually doing while in spectator and just expect to be all safe when they come into entrance zone and will immediately call you out if you kill them.

All in all if you want to save your time and your remaining brain cells I highly recommend not spending your time in this game or its community, unless your like REALLY into SCP then yes try this but its not everyones cup of tea. For me its as if someone shat in a cup and liquified it, thats what I have to deal with everyday with this games awful server hosting, playerbase and stale gameplay that gets boring even after 50-80 hours of play. Try it if you want but I really don't think its worth your time.
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OCE thanks you.

Us glorious knights thank you for using the can of air to spam Stouty with stabs.
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The True Lord of the mordhau community, i shall bow down to you and contribute my sword to wherever it is needed
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Sir I have to say your the most coolest person I've ever met on steam :steamsalty:
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