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Friendly, Fun, and Welcoming.
Welcome to my Profile.
I love to play games with people, co-op, teams, whatever. I'm always game.

Open to play games with anyone.
Enjoys to RP
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Some info about Gaddy
Please note, I'm a busy college student and might not have time to chat everyday.

I do not trade.

Some of my favorite lyrics:

"Visualizing the realism of life and actuality
♥♥♥♥ who's "the baddest"; a person's status depends on salary
And my mentality is money-orientated
I'm destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it
Cause yeah, we were beginners in the hood as 5 percenters
But something must of got in us cause all of us turned to sinners
Now some resting in peace and some are sitting in San Quentin
Others such as myself are trying to carry on tradition
Keeping the effervescent street ghetto essence inside us
Cause it provides us with the proper insight to guide us
Even though, we know somehow we all gotta go
But as long as we leaving thieving
We'll be leaving with some kind of dough
So, until that day we expire and turn to vapors
Me and my capers will be somewhere else stacking plenty papers
Keeping it real, packing steel, getting high
Cause life's a ♥♥♥♥♥ and then you die"
-AZ, Life's a ♥♥♥♥♥, Illmatic, Nas. 1994.

Some people that are awesome

Chiib She's always a blast to play with, even if she kicks my ass in CoH2 or MoWAS:2. I have yet to prove to her that artillery is useful (Proved it! :D:) (Sure I lost Chiib, but I lost 4 men, and you lost 327. :p )

Tey - Quite a fun gal to game with. Loves to joke around and always says hello. Absolute blast playing with her in HoI4 and Battlefield 1. Favorite German! ;3

And of course to my RL friends, you know you are all a blast to play with! ^^

Blitzkrieg - Jan. 9th, 2016
Papers Please - Jan. 9th, 2016
This War of Mine- Jan. 9th, 2016
Medieval II: Total War - Jan 17th, 2016
Red Ochestra: Ost Front - June 26th, 2016

Stranded Deep - July 19th, 2016

Dead by Daylight - July 21st,2016
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War II - Retribution - December 30th, 2016
Depth - December 30th, 2016
Europa Universalis IV Mare Nostrum DLC - December 30th, 2016
Rogue Legacy - December 30th, 2016

♥♥♥♥ Faggotson, Anal Avenger-
Smite All God Pack - Aug. 8th, 2016
Dark Souls III - October 1st, 2016
Overwatch - January 16th, 2017
Darksouls III Season Pass - April 11th, 2017

Shellshock Live - Jan 2nd, 2016

Teyraja -
Metro Last Light - Mar. 23rd, 2017
Colony Survival - July 19th, 2017
Total War: Warhammer 2 - July 19th, 2018

Radi Grzmot-
Stellaris: Utopia DLC - April 11th, 2017

For Honor - April 12th, 2017
Endless Space - April 16th, 2017

Mini Metro - May 24th, 2017
Golf With Friends - May 24th, 2017

Total War: Shogun 2 (plus some DLCs) - Sept. 1st, 2017

PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds - Sept. 2nd, 2017
Kingdon Come: Deliverance - March 3rd, 2018

Hand Simulator - July 26th, 2018

Circle Empires - October 16th, 2018
A Legionary's Life - October 25th, 2019

Victoria II - July 4th, 2019 (1776)
Victoria II: Heart of Darkness - July 4th, 2019
Victoria II: A House Divided - July 4th, 2019

The Ambiguous Briton -
Crusader Kings 2 - Ruler Designer DLC - October 27th, 2019

Wargame: Red Dragon Netherlands DLC - December 25th 2019

Sneaky Swissmun-
Hentai Nazi - 2/14/2020

Sexual Chocolate-
Zombie Army Trilogy - 6/30/2020

Computer Specs (For you nerds)

GPU: 2x EVGA GTX 1080 FTWs, SLI (Oh the overkill XD)
CPU: Intel i6700k cooled by a Corsair Hooi v2 liquid cooler
Motherboard: Asus Z-170 Pro
Memory: HyperX DDR4 32GB
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Z
And other overkill stuff.

Some basic gaming info

- I'm a casual gamer , so don't expect me to care if I lose or win, kill or die.
-I am top 10 in the world for the RPD in MW2 Xbox 360. Seriously, I love that thing and am more accurate than a damn sniper :D:
-I don't mind using my mic
-I'm chatty, so don't be silent. Say hi! :D:
-I like making friends (Explains my long list... too busy to clean it.)
-Don't be afraid to invite me to a game, just understand that I can truly only play on weekends

Some info about me

I do love to debate politics or talk about various global issues. However I absolutely HATE it when the other side refuses to hear you out, or dismisses you right from the start. Everyone is entilted to their own opinion, and I shall respect yours. I expect that in return.

-I'm open minded and don't judge
-I am usually nice, but being a ♥♥♥♥ to me... I'll go much worse.:Uranium:
-Open to playing games
-Eagle Scout and have gotten 3 Eagle Palms :D:
-I enjoy all music but country.
-I find myself really nice. Sure, if I seem mean, it's either because you're being an ass or I'm just joking ^^
-I play the guitar and trombone

I do run a group called Borange. Please join as I love to play with people and such, and want to lead a community dedicated to playing for fun, etc.

Years of Programing

7 years: Java, C++, HTML (Kinda is programming, right? :p)
5 years: C
4 years: Python
1 year: SQL, Go, PHP

I have programmed various stock apps like one for Steam Badges. Currently working on a stock tracking application for Linux systems.

I'm majoring in Computing Security and also International and Global Studies. I am about to start my Masters for Computing Security specializing in automated responses via machine learning in tandem with intrusion detection systems, etc.

Music that I enjoy

I used to have a big list here, but I kinda got stuck in my favorite genre of music.

Jazz is god tier, Frank Sinatra is my favorite artist ever. Rat Pack is awesome too. Frank Sinatra's Count Basie album is his best album!
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I absolutely love this game.

While people may have issue with the minor issues, I personally only ran into one bug every few hours. Something simple like having to crouch to get up some stairs or my horse magically getting balanced on a fence. The bugs, besides trying to navigate a forest at night (slipping and sliding around and getting stuck can be extremely frustrating at times), are easily manageable.

What the game does right:

Historical Setting w/ Some Spice: Yes, the game isn't 100% to the dot correct and accurate. Name one game that completely is. They took a topic, did immense research into the events and people of the time, and created an enriching and stimulating open world environment. It's the kind of game where I actually enjoyed sitting at a bed and reading the books the game had, as they did pertain to real life people, and their thoughts on events. History within history. Plus, the game allows you to wander deep into the woods and find the most interesting of things, like a rundown tower that seems to be the home of a serial killer that only kills women.

Combat: This might shock a few people, but I actually liked the combat system. It took For Honor and just gave it a few more combos, but made it much faster paced with more switch ups. It felt much more realistic and actually thrilling. Pulling off a combo move on someone that is much tougher than you feels great! This is also the first game to actually make the user TERRIFIED of more than a 1 on 1. That alone is fantastic. No longer are you some demigod roaming the world as an unkillable death machine. While archery is a mixed bag, I actually listened to the tutorial and practiced. It felt more realistic than most games, me having shot plenty of arrows in my time. You cannot hold an arrow at a draw for the longest of time. Plus, no crosshair was a very nice touch. The game also allows you to go to various places and practice things like sword fighting or archery, and scores you on so. That is very well executed.

Saving: While I too have been really annoyed at dying, only to spawn undoing 1.5 hours work, I enjoy the system. It doesn't hold your hand, and makes you scout your environment to look for places to sleep and rest. You aren't some demigod with more energy than the sun. And to all of the people crying about some expensive potions that weigh .5lb, that is RIDICULOUS. Go out and kill 3 bandits, that is enough money for a potion, and takes 5-10 minutes. This is the first game in awhile that does save your progress, but doesn't baby you and actually makes you really think: "Do I want to fight this opponent, knowing I might die?" instead of charging into the frey.

Soundtrack and Art: I really liked the instrumentals with time appropriate instruments. Plus, Czech lyrics! The in game calligraphy and art was done with fine detail, truly a well done representation of the craftsmanship at the time. Probably my favorite world map to look at in a game.

What the game needs to work on:

Clarity: The tutorials need some work. The horse part at the beginning for example was rather annoying, but I got it the second time. They need to have more clear and concise instructions, I think they over elaborated and made learning in game mechanics reading a 3 page paper.

Horse Combat: Takes immense practice, and no field and dummy to practice on. Horse archery is possible and fine, but using a sword requires the enemy to be within hugging distance, where they can easily knock you off your horse.

Collisions: This game needs to sand out the rough edges. Trying to cross a small stream, with vaulting then sliding down the stream can be incredibly annoying. Some of the most frustrating moments in the game was simply trying to walk though some basic bushes (not the thick brush). Add a two foot tall mound and climbing it is hiking up a cliff. Not being able to climb up stairs at certain moments can be annoying too. But, they released a patch that can fix some of these issues.

Performance: This is where the game makes my heart bleed. I love the game, but I have to give it poor marks here. I have 2x GTX 1080s, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and an i7, yet trying to run 4K at a high graphics setting is almost IMPOSSIBLE. It needs to be optimized badly. Going over 1920x1080 with higher graphics at this point is unheard of.

Despite some bugs and performance issues, I really cherish this game. It makes you emotionally invested into it, and has that “just one more!” feeling that Civ 5 has. I put 40+ hours in 3-4 days. I just couldn’t put it down! I still haven’t beat it, as I like to take my time and try to get the fun achievements. I eagerly await the future of this game!

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Hey bud in case I forget, you can add me and I will coach you some! I'm somewhat busy but, if you see me online msg me and I'll see if we can set something up :'D
F0KK3R Sep 2 @ 3:20am 
We need to play some games again mate ;) talking Bannerlord & WT
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tuna salad +rep
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It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are :)
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It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are :)
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It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are :)