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Water, water, everywhere,
Even on your Gun.

Now with a Blue Variant.
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MINE_ Aug 23 @ 11:50pm 
Hi, this is only an option but I'm making a steam group for people who own the duck billed hatypus and I would greatly be honored if you were to join since you are on of the creators. The group url: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/duck_hat_gang again just asking, if you don't want to I fully understand. Thanks!
shocklate Aug 15 @ 4:48pm 
Hey I have a suggestion for a possible item update for the Burning Bandana. It reminds me of the Master's Yellow Belt for sniper, which has the equip region "Headband (sniper)" unfortunately this equip region seems to only be for sniper, but I was thinking by simply making the equip region "None" like The Exquisite Rack or Soldier's Stash. And if that's not possible I'm sure there are workarounds. It would make sense as an item and would look great in conjunction with other hats. It would also open a lot of unusual combo possibilities.
Thanks for considering, awesome workshop items btw :)
Hiatus Jul 20 @ 1:20am 
Thanks for the help!

Though, when I say "bleed" I mean that the transparent background of the sticker gets read as "white" or something and turns the entire weapon white. Not sure if an alpha layer is necessary though.
Hiatus Jul 19 @ 7:36pm 
I'm a new workshop submitter, and I currently am learning about sticker textures. However, I noticed that my stickers would always turn gray-scaled when rendered. I assume this has something to do with the alpha layer in Photoshop. Not including an alpha layer, however, would make the sticker bleed white over the entire weapon, and leaving it black would render it invisible.

I've noticed that you have made several very well put together warpaints with stickers, and thus I was wondering if you could lend me a hand.
Rat advocate number 2 Jul 18 @ 1:18pm 
you should try to make a taunt for the heavy Artillery officer`s cap, where he fires an artillery battery, might look cool...
CarolineTheOne774 Jul 12 @ 4:37am 
I love the alpine paint! Splendid job!