My knife history:
1) Gut Knife Safari Mesh(FT)
2) Falchion Knife Safari Mesh(BS)
3) Falchion Knife Safari Mesh(FT)
4) Gut Knife Scorched(FT)
5) Gut Knife Urban Masked(FT) "Not my proudest fap"
6) Shadow Daggers Boreal Forest(BS)
7) Flip Knife Safari Mesh(BS)
8) Falchion Knife Stained(WW) "Bring Me The Horizon"
9) Flip Knife Scorched(BS)
10)Huntsman Knife Safari Mesh(FT)
11)Gut Knife Damasscus Steel(BS)
12)Flip Knife Forest DDPAT(FT)
13)Bayonet Safari Mesh(FT)
14)Gut Knife Case Hardened
15)Flip Knife Boreal Forest(FT)
16)Flip Knife Boreal Forest(WW)
17)Butterfly Knife Safari Mesh(FT)
18)Butterfly Knife Urban Masked(FT)
19)Gut Knife Slaughter(MW)
20)Bayonet Ultraviolet(FT)
21)Gut Knife Doppler(FN)
23)Gut Knife Doppler(FN)
24)Gut Knife Tiger Tooth(FN)
25)Gut Knife Fade(FN)
26)Gut Knife Marble Fade(FN)
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║If I am interested in your trade I will accept it.
╠════════════════════════ Trading Rule══════════════════════════════
║➊ Do not lowball.
║➋ If you want to upgrade / want me to downgrade, you have to overpay!
║➌ Do not try to scam, I know all scam attempts and it is just a waste of time for you.
║➍ Please send me trade offers before you add me.
║➏ I do not accept tradebacks.
DizZe Aug 30 @ 11:43am 
+rep Lying on the bed for two days is cool
ХЕЙТЕР Aug 19 @ 3:31pm 
+rep Good and fast trader
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WiChUrR l Sergio Minetti Jul 10, 2017 @ 9:15am 
add m4 on trade
october gothboy season May 26, 2017 @ 12:19pm 
+rep good trader
VisioN Apr 7, 2017 @ 1:03pm 
+rep good and fast trader.