SIGMA heisenburger
Vladimir Dostovyesky   Russian Federation
я трахнул твою мать


USSR League of Legends - Intro Legends 4th Place [ADC]
League of Legends Masters [RU West] S3 - DonProxie 7th place [ADC]
League of Legends Masters [RU West] S4 - Intro Legends 9th place [MID]
IEM Qualifiers EU Russia - S4 Бог игр Unqualified [MID]
SLTV Challenger League Season 3 - We Hate Gays [MID]
SLTV Challenger League Season 4 - We Hate Gays [MID]
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add for eXterminating rats
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+rep do not ever trickstab this man.
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it is an honour to meet darkblade
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lol nice one
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