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Alex Rosales Méndez   Costa Rica
:sqrequal::sqrequal::sqrequal::sqrequal::sqrequal: :CorpsWarning: DON'T ADD ME WITHOUT REASON :CorpsWarning: :sqrequal::sqrequal::sqrequal::sqrequal::sqrequal:

:linked3: FACEIT [www.faceit.com] :linked1: Twitch [www.twitch.tv] :linked4: Twitter

Trade offer link : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=167550266&token=h-JRBgrm

:RadioactiveWarning: If I erased you from my friend list, it's because I don't know or remember
anything about you or You changed your steam's name and I didn't recognize you. :RadioactiveWarning:

__________________:snowflakes::snowflakes::snowflakes: About me :snowflakes::snowflakes::snowflakes:________________

_________:jackofblades: Personal Information :jackofblades:_________

:sqrequal: Country: Costa Rica
:sqrequal: Language: Spanish and English
:sqrequal: Age: 19 Years old
:sqrequal: Favorite Games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fable: The Lost
Chapters, Pokemon Revolution Online (This game still beta), Overkill 4-coop games...
:sqrequal: I love CS:GO pro scene. I can't choose favorite pro players or
teams, I think all these teams are on the same level and every team has
amazing players.

_________:sniper_aim: In-Game Information :sniper_aim:_________

:sqrequal: Team's name: Solarium Gaming
:sqrequal: Role in Team: :NSS: Main AWPer
:sqrequal: Teammates: Jäggerbomb , Hen28XD99 , Magician , Fantasma ,
t0qh00 , Miss Roucks , M1nat0 and ZeroFlare
:sqrequal: My best weapons: :NSS: AWP / :NS47: AK-47 / :hspistol: Desert Eagle / M4A4
:sqrequal: CS:GO in-game role: AWPer, Rifler, IGL or EntryFragger
:sqrequal: Actual rank: MG1
:sqrequal: Highest rank: MG2
:sqrequal: Wingman rank: Global Elite

_____________:fire: Peripherals :fire:____________

:sqrequal: Mouse: Steelseries Rival 300 (White)
400 dpi / 2.6 In game sens / 6 windows sens
Mouse acceleration 0 / m_rawinput 1
Crosshair: :csgocross:
:sqrequal: Headset: HyperX Cloud II Red

_____________:SpaceAim: Computer :SpaceAim:_____________

:sqrequal: A potato wired.
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