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Welcome to my profile!
About me:

Age: 16
Nationality: Korean

Favorite games/Games I play once in a while

·Overwatch (Non-Steam)
·Starcraft II (Non-Steam)
·The Forest
·Watch Dogs 2
·Grand Theft Auto V
·Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
·Dying Light
·Team Fortress 2
·Don't Starve Together
·Minecraft (Non-Steam)
·Sniper Elite 4
·SCP: Secret Laboratory
·Town of Salem

My main on Team Fortress 2 is The Medic.
My secondary main on Team Fortress 2 is The Engineer.

Favorite things: Pretty much anything that is militarily related.......and food....lots of food....but not with a lot of sugar though...And also video games.....obviously.

I usually like to play as the Defensive/Healer/Support role in combat based games with a combination of using assault rifles and heavy armor. So I guess you can say I'm more of a Support Commando type

Another thing I also enjoy is anarchy. So I'm also more of an anarchist.

I mostly rely on technology! (Ex. Machinery, Radios, and guns)

My favorite weapon category is Assault Rifles.

My favorite movie is Steel Rain

Favorite equipment/vehicles

Tanks: M24 Chaffee and K2 "Black Panther"
ship: IJN Yamato
Plane: KAI T-50 & Mitsubishi T-2
Helicopter: Sikorsky UH-60 'Black Hawk' & Boeing CH-47

Favorite Firearms/Weapons-

Handguns : IWI Jericho 941F, Daewoo K5 (DP51), and Smith & Wesson Model 10

Sub-machineguns : Daewoo Telecom K7, Heckler & Koch MP5, and M1928/A1 Thompson

Carbines : Daewoo K1A, and Colt M4 Carbine

Assault Rifles : Daewoo K2/K2C, Heckler & Koch HK416, and SG SIG 552 'Commando'

Shotguns : Daewoo USAS-12, Remington 970, and Kel-Tec KSG

Machineguns : Daewoo K3, M60D, FN Minimi, and M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle

Marksman Rifles/DMRs/Battle Rifles : Springfield M14

Sniper Rifles : S&T Motiv K14, Lee-Enfield, SIG-Sauer SSG 3000, and Heckler & Koch MSG-90

Anti-Tanks : Panzerfaust III and KSVK 12.7

Bayonet : K-M7

Sword : Pistol Sword


·I do not trade.
·I do not accept random friend requests.
·I only accept friend requests only if I know them.

List of my favorite gaming genres:

·Free Roam
Artwork Showcase
Mitsubishi A6M2 'Zero'
Achievement Showcase
Perfect Games
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nice gta hour count
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Check my a c h I v e m e n t s
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