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Hello, welcome to butthurt central, where every single closet furry or extremely butthurt furry comes to leave braindead comments on my profile because they weren't satisfied with the amount of attention they got in game.
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This is Pap. He's a good turd. This image is for the braindeads.
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The game has a large span of paths to take in the game. You can be 4 classes with 2 specializations which means 8 total ways of treading the lands of Cube World. I have to say that if you put time and dedication into the game then it pays off really well, because you experience such an amazing game that has dedication put into it. Even though people leave bad reviews, you should look at their hours on the game versus people who left good reviews. Playing the game is how you enjoy it, not walking around for 5 seconds and dying. This game is truly fun if you just explore, that's the point of this game, is to explore. The region lock is a great feature because I don't want to be overpowered in every single region. It forces me to start back at where I was before and work my way up with different dungeons and structures. The lore is a nice touch as well, something cool to have in the game, just as a feature that allows you to learn about your region. In conclusion, Cube World good game.
Furries Are Cancer Feb 20 @ 2:54am 
Good thing TF2 is being ruined by cheating furries. The community wouldn't be more toxic without them.
ShawnTheViking Feb 18 @ 2:02pm 
ok ♥♥♥♥♥bag
Lotta Feb 18 @ 5:43am 
dont care
ShawnTheViking Jan 25 @ 8:09am 
he's not trading for shid
lumpy1 Jan 25 @ 2:43am 
Added for trade
Isaac Jan 17 @ 4:46am 
+rep hates furries. B)