Chris Fuerbringer   Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
"Spy's at large" ~my new call
"Steak is not a class" ~Oreo 2015, i'm apparently in denial
"We could just throw molotav's on eachother and see who dies last?" ~Coco 2015
"There are many many dicks, there are dicks every where" ~Coco 2015
"sleepyhead sees the zees" ~Dot Findley 2015
"Double Donker Donked" ~Guan 2014
"IT'S A TRAP!" ~Speaker 2014

Guan messing with me

18:02 - C.C. Fury: also, "17:54 - Guansuo: hehe dirty fury is usually drunk fury" do i want to know what i've insinuated?
18:03 - Guansuo: hahahahahaha
18:03 - Guansuo: ;)
18:05 - C.C. Fury: i'm not sure whether to be scared, worried, or just plain curious
18:05 - Guansuo: all three probably
18:05 - C.C. Fury: not going to give me any hints :P
18:05 - Guansuo: hahaha nope ;)
18:06 - C.C. Fury: time to deploy secret weapons of investigation
18:07 - C.C. Fury: but which one to send
18:07 - C.C. Fury: or exploit :D
18:07 - Guansuo: oh no
18:07 - Guansuo: you know me too well lol
18:08 - C.C. Fury: i have many contacts
18:08 - C.C. Fury: but you'll never know when they'll make their move
18:08 - C.C. Fury: or who they are
18:08 - Guansuo: now i'm scared
18:09 - C.C. Fury: you're scared . . . i'm scared
18:09 - Guansuo: this is gonna be either really good or really bad
18:10 - C.C. Fury: you know me well too, but even i can catch you off guard
18:11 - Guansuo: i'm curious what you'll do
18:11 - C.C. Fury: you'll just have to wait and see
18:12 - C.C. Fury: you won't give me any hints, i can do that too
18:12 - Guansuo: oh fine :P
18:12 - C.C. Fury: would you really have it any other way
18:12 - Guansuo: not really

Spy Time by Cygnus [www.twitch.tv]

I'm the demo

Past Comp:

UGC Highlander
Season 11 Iron (5-3) {MDDB} Pyro [11th iron red]
Season 12 Iron (6-4) .ᴅʀɢɴ Pyro (Co-Leader) [9th iron red]
Season 13 Steel (5-3) .ᴅʀɢɴ Pyro (Co-Leader) [upper 30's steel]
Season 14 Steel (4-4) .drgn Multi-class main (Scout, Demo, Heavy, Engi x4 and Medic) (Leader) [41st steel]
Season 15 Steel (6-3) .drgn Scout (Co-Leader/Server Operator) [10th seed playoffs; finished 17th overall]
Season 16 Silver (5-3) USMC Multi-class sub (Subbed Medic week 2, Started Medic weeks 3-7) [17th silver]
Season 17 Silver (7-1) shadowball Beats by Dr. Dre by Dr. Arc (multi-class sub weeks 1-5)
Silver (3-5) 50's 50 shades of Higlander (multi-class sub weeks 6-7)
Silver (5-3) Chill Highlander (Week 8 Pyro)
Season 18 Silver (5-4) Mexican Cat Ranch Medic (Co-Leader/Server Operator) [11th seed playoffs; finished 13th]
Season 19 Silver (5-5) Pyro Lives Matter Medic (Co-Leader/Server Operator) [6th seed playoffs Silver Bracket; finished 6th]
Season 21 Silver (6-4) No. 2 Pencils - Multi-class Sub [5th place]
Season 22 Silver (5-2) Bepis - Pyro/Med RIP Week 8
Season 23 Silver (9-4) Aesthetic- Multi-class sub/Medic (weeks 1-7, 2nd half playoffs) 2nd Place
Season 24 Silver (5-5) RTW - Medic/Multi-class sub (weeks 5 on)

UGC 6v6
Season 18 Steel (6-3) No Breaks multi-class sub (Roster Rider)
Season 20 Steel The Leftovers Backup Dead week 4 (1-2)
Season 21 Silver 3rd Place (11-1) Pretty Little Gansters Medic
Season 23 Silver (4-4) Fascht-Ish - Medic [12th]

UGC 4v4
Season 2 Steel (5-4) .ᴅʀɢɴ Medic
Season 10 Gold (4-4) Team Pyro - Medic
Season 11 Gold (3-5) Brothers in Arms - Sub

Season 22 Open (6-10) Flight of the Vegetables - Sub Medic
Season 27 Open (6-4) Milters - Medic RIP
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Team Fortress 2
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"Just like that, the man who's last name I can not pronounce, the man who's name I refuse to pronouce" ~Lange, after my TOTH donation

Funky Weapon Supplier here - Any lobby I host will have some additional weapons available for use, although by my own discresion on who gets one (deponds if your name is unique enough/I can type it in without effort) you will be entertained.
Popular Weapons:
-2058 - a Jar of Ants
-2193 - Fighter's Falcata
-2228 - The Army of One
-8045 - what may be known as the "God of Force of Nature"
-9205 - Robins Own
-9999 - 200% Air Control Rocket Launcher
Persoanl Favorite - 2171 - Khopesh Climeber

"Where are you med?" ~Team [logs.tf]
Team spotted me
"Med down!" ~me

Jukes [clips.twitch.tv]

Current Comp:

Mumble: 20 slot server available
TF2: 22 Slot server available by request (updated for current season)

UGC Highlander
Season 25: Silver SwiftInc - Multi-class Sub

UGC 6s
Season 27: LFT Sub/Ring me

Season 28: LFT Sub/Ring me

Ring Me! (no spy)

Scout - Silver
Soldier - Silver
Pyro - Plat
Demo - Silver
Heavy - Silver
Engie - Silver
Medic - Plat
Sniper - Silver
Spy - DON'T EVEN ASK or do, and have a laugh

Scout - Silver/Open
Roamer - I can't jump
Pocket - Silver
Demo - Silver
Medic - Plat/Open

4s-any class and division
Favorite Group
UGC HighLander team
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TUBA MAN 23 hours ago 
pyro go commit sewer side
pyro go commit sewer side
pyro go commit sewer side
pyro go commit sewer side
TUBA MAN Sep 17 @ 7:28pm 
pyro go commit sewer side
pyro go commit sewer side
pyro go commit sewer side
pyro go commit sewer side
King Of Pie Aug 2 @ 8:52pm 
you are a disgrace to mankind :jarate:
Ezra Mar 5 @ 6:17pm 
10/10 pro pic, much respect
mikengo Oct 13, 2017 @ 8:50pm 
mass debater Jun 17, 2017 @ 5:38pm 
he's bringing the fury...