I'm looking up to get better. Or dat my aa.
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Tf2 Paws gaming, sorry! but i have paws UwU

Steps of paws gaming:
Katsu May 9 @ 10:29am 
+rep Awesome Tf2 Player :heartp::nepnep:
Хэнк Андерсон May 9 @ 5:32am 
-rep cheater
Мунли May 9 @ 5:32am 
-rep cheater
Sharkbite May 7 @ 11:23am 
offered a trade for your unusual second rate sorcery
ToiletSponge May 7 @ 2:57am 
added for jag
Furry? Apr 28 @ 9:35am 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :3 left the game