Evan   British Columbia, Canada
I accept all friend requests, but may be clearing a big chunk of my friends list soon.
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Official Steam group for the Sacred Scouts Tournament!
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I accept all friend requests, but may be clearing my friends list soon.

Here's my accounts for other gaming related things:
:bbtgem: - BattleTag: FryingPan115#1440.
:bbtgem: - Nintendo Switch: 3454-5539-5207.

Community Related Team Fortress 2 Activity:
Creator of the Sacred Scouts Tournament
Leader of "Bananarama Kingdom" (Gette It Onne Season 1: Quarter Finals)
Leader of "Gang Weed" (Ready Steady Pan Season 4: Participant)
Titanium Tank Participant
/r/RandomActsofTF2 5th Birthday Event Participant
Blapature Co. 2018 Donator (Benefactor Tier)
Rally Call 2018 Summer Event Donator
Sub for "Rally The Mercs!" (Fresh Meat Prolander Cup Season 1)
TF2 Summer Jam 2018 Participant and Donator
Operation Canteen Crasher Participant
Tip of the Hats 2018 Donator (Jaunty Ranger Tier)

FryingPan115? Exemplary human being. Standard of excellence I always like to say. And what beautiful, brown hair.

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Team Fortress 2
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2,814 Hours played
Have been playing it forever, great game.
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Quantex Sep 19 @ 10:14am 
Adding for a trade!
Profile Name Jul 10 @ 6:21pm 
I forgot why I added you.
MiaButt Apr 14 @ 3:19am 
Mew~ :3
Horror_Shadow99 Mar 5 @ 9:53am 
who even likes steam anymore, the birds are not birds, they're robots.

comment #DELETSTEAM for every time you get dumped or get told that your gf is a frickin male mong.
Max Dec 31, 2018 @ 3:21am 
I need to tell you something important