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Raivo   Daugavpils, Daugavpils, Latvia
Welcome to my Profile! Thanks for visiting, Fellas!
:Birds: I am a Steam user, Former TF2 Mapper and a Lover of Owls . :Owl:
:LLTOwl: For Stalkers: Please, press ALT + F4 or Click Here . :LLTOwl:

:jarate: For TF2 players: :jarate: I have resetted my TF2 stats by an accident! <

Frequently Asked Questions a.k.a. FAQ
:acbutterfly: Can I add you to my Friends list? :acbutterfly:
Since I am really strict & have a quite big experience with different kinds of people, I made a list on who can & can't be in my Friends list. Pretty simple:

High Priority:
• Developers (ex: Coders, Level Designers, Modellers, etc.)
• Individuals with high reputation in communities that have astounding achievements.
• Friends in real life.
• English speakers.
• Seen a lot & not suspicious.

Unacceptable category:
• Thirsty traders & beggars.
• VAC banned users (except if you meet at least 2 points from "High priority" list).
• Arrogant, childish... behaviour.

I don't care if you are:
• Transgender, Homosexual, Biasexual, etc.
• Brony, furry, weeaboo, etc.
• Lower than Level 10.

All I care is that you're generally a nice person.
But just because I say that, it doesn't mean that I will discuss with you about these topics, all the time!
It's because I am not particularly interested in any fandoms, at all. So, sorry about that~

Please. Remember only one thing:
I do not accept random invites!
Instead, please be kind and write below stating the reason why do you want me to be your friend!
If you want me to be your friend, just because you're fanboying/fangirling about me - be cool & join my Official Steam group. Thank you~

:acbutterfly: How many languages do you know? :acbutterfly:
Total 3 languages:
• Latvian (Native)
• Russian (Second language)
• English (Really Fluid - Have an American accent).

Just to make this clear, I am only going to speak English with anyone at any times.

:acbutterfly: You create maps? :acbutterfly:
Yes, it's my hobby. I currently create maps only for Team Fortress 2.
A lot of my projects are currently kept private for my own amusement, because it's not really that easy to create a public map that works perfectly fine for everyone.

You don't get it? Well, you don't have to worry about it. It's normal when you at least stay curious! Or even if you don't want to know anything about "it"!

So keep it cool!

Due to that, I have currently only one public map called koth_prettysawlit [tf2maps.net] .

I am not gonna lie, but I don't know if I am going to continue releasing stuff.
If you're looking for mapper that can do anyone's request for money (ofc), please visit TF2maps.net or click here. [tf2maps.net]
I don't want you to count on me, when it comes to requests. Just please...

Here's some stuff I made for some TF2maps.net map-makers... in case if you ever need it! I am not saying that you need it, but you got it anyway! [tf2maps.net]

:acbutterfly: What about your SFM artwork? :acbutterfly:
It's my hobby as well. Practically, I can do SFM artwork for any game, even tho I have done artwork only in Team Fortress 2 art style.
But keep in mind one thing: I suck at making SFM animations! I ain't an animator, but a digital artist.

Btw, If you checked my artworks already, you probably guessed that I do take SFM requests, but on sad note, not anymore.
I just don't wanna do it! Just please, don't touch me...

I also have my own personal Deviantart. [radio51north.deviantart.com]

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rep is dumb and for losers but +rep for wording ur message cute
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Cute picture ^-^ :balloonicorn:
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Thank you very much ya'll! Really appreciate it! :2016popsicle: :2016snocone:
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btw yw frosty ;3 and the sad thing is i just notice your map creator heh nice to know another mapper ;3. Ps cute picture *boop*