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Bray   Ontario, Canada


There is nothing here read my info box. .3.
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Borderlands 2
Hiii o3o
Hai there, I'm Frostie as you can see :FlashFreeze::icebeam:,I live in Canada ,I like playing games and i like to sleep, I'm lazy :yawning_creep:, silly and nice I guess. I like the color blue, green and purple.

Current profile pic: Rosa (Pokemon)
My Discord: Sir Fróstie#4523

Laptop: Acer predator 17
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
CPU: Intel i7 6700HQ 2.60 GHz
RAM: 16 GB

3ds Friend code: 3883-4946-9495 (if you wanna add)

Non-steam games i play:

Some info about me. :
My Birthday: June 16 c:
Age: 20
Gender: male :o
Likes: Playing games, Sleeping, Chatting and Good memes. :ss2heart:
Dislikes: Mean people, Tryhards and being alone. :isaac:
If you want to know more ask me! :happy_creep:

Frostie's rules:
Online- Feel free to message me! :D:
Away- Might be asleep or away from the computer :yawning_creep:
Busy- Feel free to leave a message but i won't reply :calm_creep:
In game- Feel free to message also but i'll be slow to reply :calm_creep:
Offline- If offline for a long time i am ded :dsmagic:

Goals :csgostar::
Reach level 10 ✓
Reach level 20 ✓
Reach level 60
Get any strange to hale's own ✓
Get any kind of Australium Weapon ✓
Get the Golden Pan (will never happen)
Get my Dream hat: Cloud 9 Slo-Poke ✓
Get my other Dream hat: Purple energy Slo-Poke

Unusuals owned (Unboxed):
Purple confetti Rotation Sensation (sold)

Aussies owned (Dropped):
Knife (Tour no. 51)
Frontier Justice (Tour no. 63)
Scattergun (Tour no. 89)

Things i want :balloon::
I dunno anymore.

Languages I Speak:

Languages That I understand;
Only a little bit of spanish

I'll add some more stuff on this little thing in the future. (Updated on: 2019-03-18)

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126 hrs on record
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289 hrs on record
last played on Jun 20
4,980 hrs on record
last played on Jun 14
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