thicc earther
#1   Garsten, Oberosterreich, Austria
discord server for double chins

02:06 - reese: ur too much of a faggot to understand ur own potential
02:06 - reese: bitch
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9volt 7. dub. v 10.21 
I'd like it if you didn't fart so much on stream.... my son has been developing,, questionable habits.... :steamsad:
Enderman 6. dub. v 8.18 
eh, tbh im actually surprised that game is still popular...
thicc earther 6. dub. v 3.22 
we're skolldir mains now
Enderman 5. dub. v 14.29 
yo long time ^^ have you ranked up yet from a froggy scrub to god tier froggy ;p
[GOY] ★Anonymous★ 5. bře. v 17.39 
go away