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:glass_of_beer: Name: Jeff
:glass_of_beer: Location: USA - California (but I REALLY, REALLY want to move out of California - too expensive and I'm tired of the mass of humanity.
:glass_of_beer: Favorite genre: I am a fan of nearly all genres, but my favorites are probably RPGs / JRPGs, tactical turn-based combat games, RTS (although I'm not very good at them)
Favorite games:
No way I can pick just one, but amongst my all-time favorite games are
:deadweight: Old school favorites:deadweight: - Original Wizardry trilogy - Proving Grounds,
Knight of Diamonds, Legacy of Llylgamyn, Gunship 2000, Masters of Magic, Civilization series, Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale 2

:deadweight: New school favorites :deadweight: - Wandersong, Witcher 3, Fields of Glory 2, Pinball FX 3, Bard's Tale IV, The Messenger, Total War series (especially Warhammer II)

:hp_tiffany: Games I'm currently enjoying :hp_tiffany:
Mad Max, Element: Space, Darkest Dungeon (amazing game!), Witcher 3 (beat the base game, now onto the DLC), and my most recent obsession, Kingdom Come. I also mix it up with a bunch of turn-based combat games, puzzle games, and the occasional HOG and adventure game.

:hp_tiffany: Books :hp_tiffany:
Malazan Book of the Fallen series - my all-time favorite fantasy series ever. Ever.
Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson
The Proud Highway - Hunter S. Thompson
Hyperion series - Dan Simmons
The Broken Empire series and The Red Queen's War series - Mark Lawrence
John Dies at the End - David Wong
This Book is Full of Spiders - David Wong
What the Hell Did I just Read - David Wong
Willful Child - Steven Erikson
Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry
The Liberation Trilogy - Rick Atkinson

:hp_tiffany: Music :hp_tiffany:
Grateful Dead
Infected Mushroom
Dr. Dre - The Chronic
Pink Floyd
Joe Bonamassa
Dave Matthews Band
Black Sabbath
Ben Harper (& the Innocent Criminals)
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Ike Reilly
Devin Townsend

Boring stuff about me:
I have lived in California most of my life. My first introduction to personal computers was as a freshman in high school, 1980. The computer room had Commodore PET comptuers, with the chiclet keyboard. We had to learn the basics and take a test in order to be able to play with them. My first games were loaded from a cassette tape, "Press Play to Load". There was a Warlords game that we played to death.
Then, along came my Apple II with a floppy disc drive and 16K of RAM!!!, and all the games from SSI, and their wargame collection - Computer Bismarck, Computer Ambush, Germany 1985, etc. Hellfire Warrior and Temple of Apshai were my first RPG dungeon crawlers.
From there, everything went crazy when PCs came about, and it was all uphill from there.

I worked at Mediagenic (which became Activision) for six years, then Electronic Arts for 15 years as a game tester, Assistant Producer, and finally Associate Producer. My major accomplishment was Associate producing the Jane's line of flight simulation games by EA, along with a ton of other games. I was lead tester for Road Rash for the Genesis, and designed half the tracks for Road Rash 3DO version.

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