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You have wasted a lot of time!
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, welcome to my profile, please if you plan for me to stay friendly towards you don't :

Add me because I have a "cool" account or if you are collecting friends, I'm not an item.
Add me unless we played together, group related, you know me or you want to trade.
Spam me with chat messages, group or game invites.
Add me if you have a private, VAC or trade banned profile.
Ask me to +REP you without trading.
Try to scam me or beg for my items.

Group Managment History:

Complete The Backlog - Curator
✪ Giveaway Links ✪ - Moderator
Giveaway Central - Admin
LL's Game Giveaways and Reviews - Curator
Lot's O Gaming - Admin
Lot's O Giveaway's - Admin
Lot's O Tradin' - Admin
Original Traders Group - Moderator


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Legendary Eagle [ex. Surpeme Master First Class]
Dota 2 - Solo MMR 2.5K - 3K | Party MMR 1K - 1.5K


One-Stop Shopper (14 May, 2013) - Transcripted Alienware Demo
Select Collector (1 June, 2013) - Dirt 2
Adept Accumulator (23 July, 2013) - Guns of Icarus Online
Sharp-Eyed Stockpiler (25 September, 2013) - Probably Archery
Collection Agent (12 January, 2014) - Company Of Heroes 2
Power Player (23 March, 2014) - Valve Complete Pack
Game Mechanic (14 July, 2014) - Hitman: Absolution
Director of Acquisitions (13 December, 2014) - Jazzpunk
Game Industry Guardian (31 July, 2015) - samurai_jazz
Gaming God (22 February, 2017) - Space Journey
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I'm trading only via Steam's trade system and Mobile Auth turned ON, only time I'm making an exception to this is when Steam keys are involved, then the one with lower reputation on SteamTrades [www.steamtrades.com] will go first. Also I'm not offering price checks and middleman services. If you don't agree to these terms then please don't even send me a trade offer. Also save yourself and myself some time, if you are planning to scam me, just don't, I have other things to do.

ㅤㅤㅤ [steamtrades.com]ㅤㅤㅤ|ㅤㅤㅤ [steamrep.com]ㅤㅤㅤ|ㅤㅤㅤ [steamdb.info]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Open to any offer.
I'm not trading my cheaper good looking skins or my music kit.
If you want to buy my knife for whatever reason I expect an overpay.
As for alternate weapons I am using: USP-S, M4A1-S, Desert Eagle, Tec-9 and Five-Seven.

Dota 2

I'm not trading these items.

Team Fotress 2

I'm looking for Taunts that I don't own, paying in refined.
I'm not trading my cosmetic items.

BattleBlock Theater

I'm not trading any heads.
You can give me any other item in exchange for yarn or gems tho.

Cards & Gems

1:1 Set with same number of Cards and Value
1:2 Any cards that match or go above price of my card
- Any item that matches the card's price

Not interested in Gems, don't offer me those.
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What is a Keemstar ?

Text below will briefly explain what is a Keemstar since we can't.

[quote]Source: [h1] Keemstar Wikia [keemstar.wikia.com] (yes, this does exist)[/h1]

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FelixKunroad2global;w; Apr 21 @ 11:19am 
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MattTheGreat Apr 18 @ 12:26pm 
I'm not even surprised, that could be totally you... Sorry for the long delay, just been in a two week chemo treatment from reading your comments.

|FTG|Skill Apr 16 @ 9:44am 
But you are not on my friendslist o.O How am I supposed to be able to keep track? o.O
comment made, now please add me
Стаааааааас Apr 14 @ 5:18pm 
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FískeR Apr 11 @ 7:15am 
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