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tldr: a fun unique game that brings back memories of Kingdom combined with a skill based open world RPG. Enough available content alrady in the Early Access version, lots of unique areas to visit, enemies to fight, quests to do, loot and resources to collect in order to gear up fight bosses, level up and unlock more skills to complete quests and build your dwarven kingdom.

If Kingdom and Elder Scrolls had a baby, that would be called Regions of Ruin. RoR is hevily inspired by Kingdom but it's a completely different game at the same time, it's a side-scrolling RPG where you explore, fight, level up, and build your town. The world has a ton of unique areas, quests, loot and resources waiting for you. You will die a lot or you can change the difficulty if you are not into fighting signigicantly better than you enemies, you can visit and complete each area in the order you chose and you can recruit mercenaries to assist you in combat and workers to farm resources for you.

The combat is trickier the higher the difficulty you chose, you can dash to avoid enemies, or sneak to sneak attack them, you have a power hit and the ability to throw axes in your enemies face. When you level up, you unlock abilities that will make your job easier. The skill tree has 4 categories: melee attacks, ranged attacks, shield and power hits and you can chose the path that fits to your playstyle. There is a good variety in the enemies already in the Early Access version and bosses that you can find the more you explore the map in the further away areas.

You "build" your town by spending resources for buildings that automaticaly get build there for you. Some of them offer you different things for example a tavern to hire recruits to assist you in combat, or a forge to make your own equipment and an apothecary to make bandages. There are 8 buildings currently available that can also be upgrated to provide more perks.

There is an open world, you visit new in the order you want and all of them are handcrafted not procedurally generated. That means that everything is placed there for a reason. There isn't an infinite world but it has almost 60 areas already in the Early Access version for you to explore. The areas can be forests, deserts, caves, farms, ruins, strongholds but each one of them is different from the previous ones. You always have new stuff to do and find.

There is a good variety of npcs (50+?), most of them with unique dialoque. Some of them offer you quests to help them in one way or an other, some of them come and stay in your settlement to be used (medic, blacksmith, vendors etc) and some others you can used as workers to farm resources for you.

The lore is a mystery you have to figure out by talking to people and collecting some book pages. Currently not finished in the EA version but there are some good amount of text already written. You can also notice a subtle sense of humor in some area's signs or in the gameplay itself, for example your injuries names or that you can apply your skill points by pressing P (peeing) in the campfire etc.

The art style you either love or hate, it's a decent pixelart with some nice scenery and lots and lots of different hand drawn areas, buildings, enemies, npcs, items and biomes.

The music is fantastic, gotta love it when a game has a good soundtrack that fits the games universe and hypes you.

Controls offer you a variety of options, i use keyboard but as far as i know the controllers will be fully supported too. I tested it in windows but also as far as i know the game runs smoothly on Linux and Mac too. Performace is great in my 5+ year old laptop with an i5@1.80ghz and a gtx970m, it will probably run smoothly in any pc.

The game still needs a lot of work to extend the content, new areas to visit, new quests and maybe more weapons, armor types and buildings for your settlement and of course the lore, the ending and everything story-related but i'm sure everything will be there in the full version.

The developer is a solo-dev, very passionate about this game since the day i met him he is fixing bugs left and right and adds new content in regular basis. The current version of the game offers you at least 12-15 hours of play time that can be easily reach the 20 depending on your playstyle and difficulty (edit: apparently some people after the EA launch are finishing it in 5-10 hours so it's totaly up to you how much it will take to you for now). They plan to make the content triple during the early access, the map is huge and only 1/3-1/4 of it is available currently so i expect it will need 40-60 hours to complete it after EA. The game is fun, unique and if it seems interesting/promising for you i would highly recommend it to you to check it out and give it a chanse.

I hope this review was useful to you as i tried to cover as many things as possible. I was one of the testers of the game and had a blast testing it so far. I didn't pay for my copy of the game that's why the review is marked as "copy given for free" and as "other type of purchase, tester copy".

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