Kuba   Bielsko, Poland
✰CSGO Player since 2nd February 2013✰
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✰Biggest Virtus.Pro Fan alive✰ ✰Pasha,Neo,Snax,byali,TaZ - lineup,that i
won't forget <3

✖✖ Proud after victory, the faithful after the defeat✖✖

LANS I've attented so far
·LAN Ciechocinek Summer Tournament 2017(fR3EZ1,karaniX,delik,SpeecY,ShowY)
·ZDZ Rush Tournament Katowice (fR3EZi,Speecy,krol,ReZo,Sarox)
·SET ZDZ Christmas Tournament Bielsko-Biała(fR3EZi,sarox,SpeecY,MaraYo,DABO)
·OFFLINE QUALIFIERS Czysta Rywalizacja Bielsko-Biała 2019 (fR3EZi,Sarox,Speecy,delik,Wapiti) - 1st.
·Czysta Rywalizacja FINALS Bielsko-Biała (fR3EZi,Sarox,jOUNTi,SpeecY,Wapiti)
·Nerd Game Festival Wołów(fR3EZ1,Sarox,Speecy,delik,Wapiti)
·AcceptTheChallenge ATH powered by ACTINA Bielsko-Biała (fR3EZ1,Sarox,Speecy,jOUNTi,Jkob)
·Glivitium LAN Season II Gliwice(fR3EZ1,Sarox,Jkob,SpeecY,Ticket2Win) - 1st.
·SUPER GAME e-sport Krzeszowice Puchar Miast(fR3EZ1,Sarox,Speecy,jOUNTi,Jkob)
·SUPER GAME e-sport Konin Puchar Miast(fR3EZ1,SpeecY,Sarox,Kerbai,krez)
Online Leagues/Tournaments Achievements
EZLeague Online Tournament Season I(fR3EZi,Sarox,Speecy,delik,Wapiti) - 1st
GKS TYCHY Cup #ZostańwDomu (fR3EZ1,Sarox,Speecy,delik,V3GGI3) - 3rd.
♣EVENTS I've attended so far♣
ESL ONE Katowice 2015
IEM Katowice 2016
IEM Katowice 2017
PGL Kraków 2017
IEM Katowice 2018
IEM Katowice MAJOR 2019

Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite Cherry MX Red
Mouse: EC1-B Divina Blue
Sensitivity: 1.5
Mouse DPI: 800
Resolution: 4:3 1280x1024
Headphones: HyperX Cloud 2
Mousepad: Steelseries QCK+

Something About Me :D
Name - Kuba
Age - 19 (5th August 2001)
Languages - I communicate in polish,english and spanish fluently
Country - Poland
Favourite Music - I love spanish pop <3
Favourite Player - NEO <3
"Whoever said money can't solve your problems? Must not have had enough money to solve' em''
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