VoT | Frobisher : You're the bastard of a pyro that always appears from nowhere?

Dio | : bruh this pyro is always right behind me
*DEAD* Dio | : oh for fuck sake
*DEAD* Dio | : he's everywhere

*DEAD* ice : wait
*DEAD* ice : where did you come from
*DEAD* BigZZZ : how tha bloody hell did ya get there

[19:57] bosse:
i fear u
whenever i see, i start running
the sound of the backburner scares me

*DEAD* old : what a faggot playstyle
リヒトホーフェン : our pyro is prem
*DEAD* old : hes faggot

bz : thats the best thing ive ever seen a pyro do

Lenny : this pyro is a monster

A spooky red Square789 : actually fuck you and your excuse of a flamethrower
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Pick a figth get slipper on head.