Mr Oliver Fox McFuckNugget
Oliver Fox   Greater Manchester, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Info about me and my profile. Fuckin stalker.

Stream on twitch at

Creator and Owner of a gmod community. Shut down after 4 years of development due to drama and people being dicks in general.

(PS: If your here becuase you watched "Gmod Wonderworld - By DanielFromSL" feel free to add me. :D)

Offline | Sleeping or at work or in some othere place.

Online | Can chat and play with you if you want.

In-Game | Can chat.

Busy | Doing something to be busy, Most likelly programming,

Away | Somewhere like outside or just doing nothing.

Looking to play | The name say everything.


Age : Old enought.

Real Name : Oliver William Fox

Gender : Hot Male

Personal Informations : Fucks with good games and love developing.

I live in Stokcholm in sweden. 44% Swedish 44% British and 12% American... I think?

its all what do you need to know.

Now get out of here STALKER
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we are all doomed in 2019. That was the last word on myspace by a flat eather.
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Merry Christmas Chubby Boi have nice holidays and happy 2019 Mlg Magic Hoodini