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Black Mamba™ Jul 5 @ 12:44am 
Yeah my English is bad but still also if "barely" is undertandabile.I never studied English in my whole life ive just learned this language via Internet & Using of PC,could you do the same? could you speak also if barely a language you never studied in your life? i guess not
FOXY Jul 2 @ 6:50am 
Sir, Mr. Black Mamba™, I suggest your studies of the English language take precedence over your leisure time since your grammar and spelling is quite frankly very appalling.

Now to refute your wild claims.

1) I have never claimed to be an expert.
2) You have disconnected from the server immediately after I responded to you. If that was not in response to my comment, then it takes away just a little bit of that spiciness.
3) You don't do yourself any favor Sir Mr. Black Mamba™. If you really are old enough to be my mother, then you should take a hard long look at your life. Your writing is barely understandable and you argue with "gay underage kiddo" on the internet. I think we should both agree, that you took a massive L and end it here. If you want to add anything else, you're welcome to make yourself look like an even bigger buffoon.

Nice day to you, Sir Mr. Black Mamba™!
Black Mamba™ Jul 1 @ 2:09am 
IMAO 1) Yes you a gay player wich can fight only when invisibile backstabbing enemies:Yeah i play Jav,but if you are that expert player that claim to be,you should know is pretty easy dodge the rockets.I could have been agreed when Jav was released but then for a fair fight they lowered a lot the splash damage,so Jav rockets arent anymore strong 2) i did'nt disconnected the match was over i just picked a diff servers 3) im not a Mr. and you still are a gay underage kiddo.Im 100% sure i could be your Mom,lucky im not because i would have ended in jail for having you strangled by the umbilical cord
FOXY Jun 29 @ 8:19am 
Some context - Mr. Black Mamba™ played Dirty Bomb against me. I played Phantom and killed him a couple of times. He was salty and typed something like "gay Phantom player", to which I replied "Dude you play fucking Javelin lol". He promptly disconnected.
Such are lives of sad internet salt lords.
Black Mamba™ Jun 29 @ 5:18am 
Gay cheater
TOC | LawrenZi Jun 20 @ 7:21am 
+rep Nice guy, great pheonix :D