I'm a Warrior in Soul, Gamer in Heart & Geek in Brains.
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I'm a Warrior in Soul, Gamer in Heart & Geek in Brains.
I love girls, guns, gadgets and, of course, play games.
I also love to take screenshots, videos and other content for Steam Community Gamers.
I like to do trade as it is a fun economic game in the virtual economic marketplace.

:TryAgain: People with VAC ban.
:TryAgain:"Fake" profiles.
:TryAgain: Accounts under level 10 (Unless you comment why).
:TryAgain: Profile is in private

If you like my works you may follow me and I’ll be glad to see your comments :)

If you want to trade with me, please: use trade link or write on my profile page or join my trade group Fox Tavern :)
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P.s Google distributed about 60,000 Cr-48s to testers and reviewers in early December 2010.
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You see a girl, and your heart starts beating harder! You are ready to perform Feats for her and build your Empire for her! And create the World for two!
You rush from wall to wall and wait for advice inside your head. But there is no answer there to those questions that torment you, and every hour is like an hour in the fire of love that is burning between you!
You live day by day, year after year, for her! And every day doing new feats for her! And put the dragon's head at her feet!
She looks at you, and you feel at that moment that all that have been, becomes the ashes of your love. And the World that you created falls due to the cold in her soul. And you feel that this cold pierces you with an arrow ...
You fell to your knees, but still alive! And, looking at the drops of broken Hopes on the floor, you realize that only in two pairs of hands you can build the World! Only together you can build an Empire! And only together you must perform Feats and every day prove to each other that Love is in your hearts!


Just take a good game and throw everything out of your head and immerse yourself in the World that others have created!
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