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I'm a Warrior in Soul, Gamer in Heart & Geek in Brains.
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I am making your future! :mgh_17:
Yes! I am the same person who sees more than others and creates the world in which you live:)
you can accept me or go farther to abyss!:foxspirit:

If you like my work: my screenshots, reviews, guides or any other my artworks that may or may not be associated with games) you can add me as a friend, but you must be mature enough and polite for this.
If you have a question related to my web sites that I created, then first use Support there, before adding me as a friend here!

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I had to create these rules due to the large number of users who want to talk to me.
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Server Discord [] : FoxLeks#1650
Origin: FoxLeks
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🎮 • Motherboard:  MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK Gaming
🎮 • CPU :  AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
🎮 • Cooler (AIO) :  Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix
🎮 • GPU :  ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX570 8GB Gaming
🎮 • RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600
🎮 • SSD  m2:  WD Black SN850 NVMe M.2 2280 1TB
🎮 • HDD 1 : WD 3TB Red
🎮 • HDD 2 : WD 3TB Green
🎮 • Power:  MSI MPG Series 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold
🎮 • Case :  Corsair 4000D Airflow Black
🎮 • Monitor :  SAMSUNG U28E590D 28-Inch 4k
🎮 • Mouse :  Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming
🎮 • Keyboard :  Corsair K55 RGB PRO
🎮 • Sound:  Razer Kraken X Virtual 7.1
🎮 • Microphone:   Razer Seiren Emote
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1,000 Hours played
You see a girl, and your heart starts beating harder! You are ready to perform Feats for her and build your Empire for her! And create the World for two!
You rush from wall to wall and wait for advice inside your head. But there is no answer there to those questions that torment you, and every hour is like an hour in the fire of love that is burning between you!
You live day by day, year after year, for her! And every day doing new feats for her! And put the dragon's head at her feet!
She looks at you, and you feel at that moment that all that have been, becomes the ashes of your love. And the World that you created falls due to the cold in her soul. And you feel that this cold pierces you with an arrow ...
You fell to your knees, but still alive! And, looking at the drops of broken Hopes on the floor, you realize that only in two pairs of hands you can build the World! Only together you can build an Empire! And only together you must perform Feats and every day prove to each other that Love is in your hearts!


Just take a good game and throw everything out of your head and immerse yourself in the World that others have created!
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Welcome to My Fox Tavern!
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It's the Gentlemen of Fortune Club.
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In 2010, my pathway began in the Steam Gamers Community as an active member of the community that makes creativity: screenshots, reviews, guides and much more. Also since 2010 I've been doing trades in TF2, then DOTA 2, then the entire Steam macro environment.

Thanks to games with the virtual market economy of Steam, I was able to create the first capital and my virtual collections of items in different games.

Now I am the owner of FoxLeks LLC and the entire FoxLeks subsidiary and brand, a gamer and developer who continues to develop creativity.

I have official YouTube and Twitch channels and pages in social networks and I don't collect donations anywhere! And if you see somewhere a donation request on my behalf, then know that these are scammers!

If you want to show me your appreciation and love, then you can use my wish list on Steam and Amazon.

But if you are also a collector of virtual items or games, then below is my list of extra copies of items.

Vintage Pyrovision Goggles Level 100 for 1 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Vintage Ubersaw Level 100 for 4 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Vintage Razorback Level 100 for 4 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Vintage Ambassador Level 100 for 4 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Vintage Blutsauger Level 100 for 4 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Vintage Jarate Level 100 for 4 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Vintage Natascha Level 100 for 6 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

P.S.Beta Card:
Screenshot Showcase
Every girl looks like a Beautiful Flower!
173 5
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My Beloved Tank
142 10 5
Artwork Showcase
Portal 2 Songs to Test By. Collectors Edition
186 19 5
Screenshot Showcase
My favorite view of life!
272 32 14
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The ship rocked from side to side, and the wind howled outside the window. Lying in this hammock, I thought about whether I would see my native Vvardenfell ... a couple of times it seemed to me that the ship was about to capsize, and my little journey in shackles would end in this sea!
]Will my life end when the Last Sun rises tomorrow?
Only 9 Gods and the Empire know the answer to this question!

When I talk about Morrowind, I'm talking about the game that won my heart and gave me the love of the RPG genre!
I can say with confidence - after many 10-20 years of playing different RPGs - that Morrowind not only remained in my heart as a great and pure love, but also became the best RPG in the entire existence of this genre!

The success of a good RPG is storytelling! After all, the story that we see on the screen of our monitors, we read like a book, and because of how versatile and rich it will be, it will depend - whether we want to reread it again and again even after many years! I can really say that the plot of Morrowind is an amazing story that you will want to re-read many times and replay over and over again to find out all the possibilities, subtleties and trifles that we might not have noticed when we first read it - passing the game! Even after 15-20 years, we will remember the detective story, where we not only learned the secrets and arcana of this World and unraveled the tangle of intrigues, but also assumed the role of the savior of these Lands from the ancient cult and ancient Gods who wanted to destroy our World.

RPG system:
Many games that call themselves RPG forget that this system must be quite large and to a certain extent difficult for the player, so that the study of this whole system is like learning mathematics from the multiplication table to matrices and other more level elements - algorithms that will add up to a single picture of the existence of this virtual world!
You will get the opportunity to make a character level 100, pump all skills to level 100, learn hundreds of new spells and abilities and create 1000 types of weapons, scrolls, potions, giving you the opportunity to create your own unique character leveling system and unique tactics of life and victory against evil!

I managed to get level 105 in one of my playthroughs, can you do the same? :)

Virtual world:
I would like to separately note this wonderful romantic world in which you just want to live!
Even when you reach your maximum level in the game and complete all tasks: main and side quests.
There are very few games that have such a rich and saturated world, filled with many small details that fascinate you and imbue you with the magic that exists in our real world, but which we simply do not notice due to the fact that we rarely look at the stars above our heads!

When the game appeared, I was very delighted with this graphics, which I saw on the screen of my 17-inch monitor, and then on the screen of the 19-inch monitor, which I bought a little later (when I played the game for the second time). Even when I ran this game on the formats of the new 28 inch 4K monitor, I saw the same beautiful picture that I saw many years ago! At the same time, I understand that these are graphics - the game does not give a widescreen resolution, since it is old, like good wine, but over the years it gets better and is filled with a large bouquet of flavors, notes of nostalgia for my soul!

This game has amazing gentle music that will caress your ear throughout the entire gameplay!
Even when you're done playing this game, you'll want to download the album of this music and use it as a divine serenade before bed!
When you have children (or maybe they already have), then you will want to put this music as a lullaby for them, so that they can feel the taste of beautiful and high art from childhood!

This is the saddest part of all that I wrote above, but I can't help but write about it!
Yes, there are many bugs in the game, it's pointless to describe all of them, but I want to say that some of them add more hardcore to the passing of the game!
As an example - my favorite bug - there is a destroyed Daedra statue that asks you to restore it, and in return you can get a unique Golden Sword, the most powerful sword in the game!
The whole point is that from the beginning of the game, a timer starts, and if you do not have time to accumulate 5.000 gold in the first 2 weeks and still get a couple of rare elements (and this is very difficult to do), and then start restoring this statue with the help of a master sculptor , then you just risk not getting this wonderful sword!
That is, if you play this game and do not do everything quickly enough in 2 weeks, then, of course, you can restore this statue, it will talk to you, but it will not give you this sword! This is just a bug that was made by the developers and which, most likely, cannot be fixed, probably after tens of years. And there are a lot of such bugs in the game. Studying every bug and every subtlety of the game mechanics gives you more hardcore in terms of passing the game than any difficulty level that you will increase in the game!
This is the unique game in which bugs make the game not worse, but better many times over, and therefore it becomes one of the best RPGs for a real hardcore RPG gamer!

10/10 Hardcore Love
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Created by - FoxLeks
33 ratings
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Sea of Thieves. My happy Sunny Day! Catch Your Ancient Skeleton!
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Created by - FoxLeks
110 ratings
This little Guide was born for many of those who asked how to make your Console in the Game!
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Team Fortress 2 The Dueler
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