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If you like creepy and surreal, take a run at this game. The ending is pretty weak, but this a perfect dark mirror to 'Alice in Wonderland'. The imagery gets pretty intensely gruesome, and for someone who isn't a fan of gore, it'll probably all seem gratuitous; but for those who appreciate the deeper themes and surrealism, almost everything lends well to the ambiance.

Anyone who appreciates Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, Beetlejuice, and Mirrormask, and can handle the disturbing imagery, will probably enjoy their time with this little gem.

Also, as a fan of the point-and-click Sierra-style games of the past, the puzzles in Fran Bow are far more intuitive (of course, it's not really a P&C if you don't hit a few points of frustration where the logic just doesn't logic, but most of the puzzles follow pretty smoothly). There are no 'game overs' and from what I could see, no ways to break a puzzle to the point where progression wasn't possible (there are skippable achievements, though, so if you want to get all of those, you might want to read them and plan ahead).

Overall, I wouldn't call this a 5-star game, but it's definitely a worthwhile experience if you can grab it relatively cheap and have about 10 hours to kill.

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