Elven Superiority
Ethan   Massachusetts, United States
21 year old NA moron with an unhealthy obsession with elven mommy milkers

Currently looking to start a guild on Neverwinter, add me @fujiitive#8993 if you need some raid buddies! Also contact me on discord so we can all be connected! fujiitive#1111
I apologize for everything on this profile
A little bit about me
Age: 21
Gender: Pisses standing up
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Interests: Cars, Motorcycles, MMOs, table top games, TCGs, and big fat elf mommy milkies

-I very rarely trade, if you have any elf memorabilia though I would be happy to hear your offer out.
-Feel free to shoot me a friend request, worst I can do is decline.
-I'm starting to play a bit of Neverwinter, add me if you need a raiding buddy! I play range DPS: @fujiitive#8993
-Shoot me a message on discord if I don't respond to you on steam, I'm more likely to respond there: fujiitive#1111
-I don't RP through any sort of DMs. RPing is solely for D&D campaigns. So please, don't ask me.
-I also occasionally play roblox, add me on there too if you want @fujiitive
-Very rarely play any FPS, if I do though it's probably TF2.
-Always looking for Neverwinter guild members, need raiding buddies? Add me!

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God fucking damn it I want an elf gf
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damn he really like elves and shii
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Your profile picture makes me want to die
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penis lol
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