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If you're reading this well I was too lazy to actually try to write something.

Amazon wishlist because I like old music and complex hobbies but am poor lol.

Trade Link:

Discord: Foleyfam234#0457

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I have played this game almost 72 hours per week I love it and it is perfect, a free game that has the option to pay for cosmetics pretty cool. The community is amazing I didn't have the money to buy premium and a friendly player by the name of Kong Krutt bought be it while I was on a trade server. Since than I have played this game over and over every day getting better and I love it. TF2 Is free and you should try it heck if you want to you can play offline in training mode but it is still more fun to play with your friends and do fun shenangians together I highly recocmend Tf2 to everyone!

Edit for the Steam Awards: Still a great game and deserves much more attention from Valve.
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[h1]This is an All in 1 guide for newbie Traders, Everyone is free to go through it.[/h1]
Main Contents will be
--> Trading Basics
--> How to move up from a Scrap to an Unusual
--> Details and links to all Trading websites.

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