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STCU: Btw ive found out my great grandpa was a mayor of a formerly popular town in asia
STCU: I think i should learn how to igl

Friday, November 14, 2014
Foekroka: so uhh
Foekroka: today at school during lunch
Foekroka: i am walking to a 7/11
Foekroka: and find a $100 bill on the ground
Foekroka: like
Foekroka: wt
Psyduck: WAT
Foekroka: IKR
Foekroka: going to go get a steam card
Foekroka: to get far cry 4
Foekroka: ez money
Psyduck: LOL
Psyduck: lucky
Foekroka: IKR
Foekroka: I was just walking with my friends down a street
Foekroka: and on the grass
Foekroka: i saw some brown thing
Foekroka: im like wtf
Foekroka: I come closer
Foekroka: 100
Foekroka: i was like
Foekroka: :O
Psyduck: u basically
Psyduck: uncased a knife
Psyduck: on the floor
Foekroka: YES

Surge: 8:08 PM - Surge: yoyo
8:08 PM - PoisonLightning: hi
8:09 PM - PoisonLightning: whats you offer
8:09 PM - Surge: Imma send you a trade offer
8:09 PM - Surge: okiii
8:09 PM - PoisonLightning: whats ur offer
8:09 PM - PoisonLightning: tell me
8:09 PM - Surge: okay dont yell im sorry
8:11 PM - PoisonLightning: well my knife isnt at the right price man so sorry this is usually at like 100 its gonna go back up its just everything on the market is low right now but will go back up
8:11 PM - Surge: listen here fuccboi, you take my knife and you have a great day it looks sexy as shit you wont regret it
8:13 PM - PoisonLightning: well my knife is actually 100 its called the market is messed up
8:13 PM - Surge: nope nope nope doesnt count its 81 right now nope
8:13 PM - Surge: nope
8:13 PM - Surge: market is fine
8:13 PM - Surge: market is 100% legit
8:13 PM - Surge: 81
8:13 PM - PoisonLightning: market isnt fine and people like you are stupid and dont understand that
8:13 PM - PoisonLightning: bye
8:13 PM - Surge: no
8:13 PM - Surge: no
8:13 PM - Surge: no
8:13 PM - Surge: no
8:13 PM - Surge: dont leave
8:13 PM - PoisonLightning is now Offline.
Surge: LOL
Surge: this is why i cant trade
Surge: xD
Foekroka #NewBhopVidHype: HAHAHAA

Pedrocatz: trying to fix my fucking skype
Pedrocatz: its retarded
Foekroka: wow
Foekroka: ethan wrote fuckin g
Foekroka: damn
Foekroka: gotta go put this on my steam wall
Pedrocatz: PENIS
Pedrocatz: GAY
Pedrocatz: FAG
Pedrocatz: FUCK
Foekroka: nice

Kahoobb (1): you might have a channce with her burt idk
Kahoobb (1): oh
Kahoobb (1): wtf
Kahoobb (1): wrong chat
Foekroka: LOL
Foekroka: LOL
Foekroka: LOLO
Foekroka: LOL
Foekroka: LOL
Foekroka: LOL
Kahoobb (1): -.-
Foekroka: does he got a chance?
Kahoobb (1): NO
Kahoobb (1): NNOT AT A LL
Kahoobb (1): LOLOLOL
Foekroka: LOL
Foekroka: LOL
Foekroka: LOLO

02:23 PM - Duke: feroka is like
02:23 PM - Duke: warowl #2 now
02:23 PM - Duke: he is teaching how to aim
02:23 PM - Duke: we need to make him a sticker
02:23 PM - Duke: can we
02:23 PM - sync: ye
02:23 PM - Duke: of his face on it
02:23 PM - Duke: AHHAHAHA
02:23 PM - Duke: I would buy
02:23 PM - Duke: like
02:23 PM - sync: 40
02:23 PM - Duke: 40 of them
02:23 PM - Duke: WHAT
02:23 PM - sync: ye
02:23 PM - sync: xD
02:23 PM - Duke: lol
02:23 PM - Duke: and I'd put
02:23 PM - Duke: the max on each gun
02:23 PM - sync: dude
02:23 PM - Duke: of his face
02:23 PM - sync: yea
02:23 PM - Duke: I'd wreck
02:24 PM - sync: I WAS GONNA SAY THAT
02:24 PM - sync: LOL
02:23 PM - Duke: HAHAHAHAH
02:24 PM - Duke: ON MY GUN
02:24 PM - Duke: HAHAHAHA

<-* Ðαяк AηGεℓ *->: if you showed your mom your profile pic what would shit do?
<-* Ðαяк AηGεℓ *->: lol
mink: she wouldnt care
<-* Ðαяк AηGεℓ *->: 0.0
mink: its too sexy
mink: she'd probably undress and cum on the screen
<-* Ðαяк AηGεℓ *->: thats why you were born
<-* Ðαяк AηGεℓ *->: JK
mink: LOL

mink: LOL
mink: i took
mink: the biggest shit today
mink: it was like baseball
mink: size
mink: my asshole
mink: like
mink: its loose
mink: now
mink: LOL
mink: like a black guy in prison
mink: would start to rape me
mink: and say
mink: EW
mink: WHAT
mink: NOEEP
Foekroka: ASSHOE
Foekroka: HAHAH

Epicdagamer> i am soo fucking far away from home
bf2kidowns> good
bf2kidowns> hobo
Epicdagamer> <.<
Epicdagamer> im a explorer
Epicdagamer> or a far lander
bf2kidowns> the most common hobo
Epicdagamer> <.,
Epicdagamer. <.<

Foekroka: lol @ my ace, had 2 health and still killed the other 4...
Babaganuche7 : we can't be friends anymore
Foekroka : IM SORRY
Babaganuche7 : you're just to pro
Foekroka : :D

Foekroka: I'm looking at my youtube comments
Foekroka: and this is what i see
Foekroka: I wish you had superpowers and could shrink me down to 1/4 an inch and fart on me for ages!
and then if you feel like it shove me into your butt trapping me forever!
Foekroka: and messages i mean
Foekroka: ikr
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: dafuq? lol.
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: weird ass mutha fucka
Foekroka: lol
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: i secretly posted that. i want in your ass bro
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: jus sayin
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: <3 :)
Foekroka: k babe
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: haha
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: oh yeah
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: we married now right?
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: i can treat you right
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: i swear
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: wont hurt you
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: will only spoil you
Magz is from JERSEYSHORE: YES!

dumba: hey
dumba: how da fuck do you bunnyhop of that way
dumba: i want to know the secret
dumba: of the bunny hopping

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