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It is a chilly night in 2014. You're playing video games with your friends through skype, when one of them tells you about this game that you can only play once. You hear that it is free so you download it. I do not precisely know how everything went down that night, but I played it, and it was a very special experience.
For a while i've been wondering how I should write the review for my favorite game of all time, OneShot. Or whether I like the steam version or freeware version more. I decided I will be comparing them in my review and explaining my special connection to this game.

Originally, OneShot had released on the rpgmaker.net website in 2014, made in RPG Maker 2003 by Eliza Velasquez and Nightmargin. It didn't really take off at the time, especially compared to some of the other story-heavy games that would go on to blow up like Undertale (which was released around 1 year after OneShot), but it did have a small, close-knit community.

Both the original and the Steam version are unique experiences, though I do think that the only thing that gives the original a run for its money (which is none) when compared to the Steam version, is Solstice .
Now to the actual review of the game:
I do not think I will ever have a gaming experience the same as I had with the original OneShot. The game had permadeath, so if you even exited the game without the exiting at certain *points*, your run with the game was over. That was the basic premise of the game, and that is what put so much pressure on me as the player. I saw this cute character called Niko, watching them over their journey, and I just had one basic task: Don't ♥♥♥♥ it up. Though you need to do some thinking for the puzzles in the game, as this IS a puzzle adventure game, the basic task as the player was to just not exit the game. I went through the game, did my thing (I don't want to specify what because I don't want to spoil), ending shook me to my core, and that was it. After the ending you couldn't come back. The story was packaged in this tight-sealed bundle that you could only access while you were playing it, but it gave you a hell of an experience.

Now let's talk about the Steam version. The steam version, to make it profitable, had to remove the permadeath function. I think this really cripples the vibe that the original was going for, but I can get it. If someone's electricity goes out while playing this game and they paid for it, it would be really unfair to them. Of course this version has some upgraded graphics, like the houses not being teeny tiny in the beginning. I can really appreciate the improvements. This version also had Solstice, which is a whole new route exclusive to the paid version and introduces brand new characters and a whole derailed storyline , which does really bring it up to being worth to pay for.

The music is practically same through both. except there's a whole new OST dedicated to Solstice . I still come back to the soundtrack on Spotify from time to time, I think it sets the tone of the areas and events that happen in the game perfectly. Nightmargin really hit the nail with this one.

Overall: This is my favorite game of all time, I can't say I'm not biased because of the period of time in my life that I played this, but I can say that many others have had the same experience as me with this game. I and a lot of my friends recommend this game, and I hope others find what I found.

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