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I came to this one extremely late, and it's a shame, because it has quickly become one of my favorite RPGs. While the combat feels clunky, and for some reason the game chugged on my upper mid-range hardware, I cannot deny just how engrossing the game is. It has a strange way of pulling me into it's world in a way that few other games can. I actually felt like what I did had some sort of weight and importance in the game's world at large. I found myself becoming infuriated with how certain characters acted, and how much their actions would make my goal harder to attain. And the frustrating combat bits (I can name two boss battles off the top of my head that are just a slog) are so dwarfed by how well the story is told that I pushed through in that sitting, just to see what story was to follow. This is of course opposed to my usual strategy of trying twice, dying twice, throwing my controller out the window and coming back when I could buy a new one.

All in all, Witcher 2 is an experience that I'm extremely grateful to have had, and I absolutely cannot wait to play the next installment.
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