Johny Walsh   Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland
They beat us down, but we survived
Talked out of school and made up lies
But we don't listen, we do what we do
We don't care about them, we care about you.

Unfortunately I have limited number of slots for steam friends. If I removed you, feel free to add me again!

12pp rules! 12pp forever!
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마지막 접속 시간 308 일 전
Regimental history & achievements
Napoleonic Wars / MM Russia
:Morale: 5thKGL / Zauberfisch - Pvt (disbanded)
:Morale: 84e / Aldemar - SoD (left beacuse of break)
:Morale: 3pp / Trojan - Adj (left)
:Morale: 75e / Heinrich - Fus (left)
:Morale: 12pp - Col (disbanded)
:Morale: 66th / Salakien - Cpl (left)
:Morale: 12pp / MrMatinh - Maj (left)
:Morale: 75th / Movement - Pte (disbanded)
:Morale: Nr12 / ExoticFail - Gefr (stopped playing)
:Morale: 14pk / Zahari - Kir (stopped playing)
Holdfast: Nations At War
:Honored: Lègion De La Vistule / Veinrus - SLt (stopped playing)
:warplate2: Achievements NW
:Spirit: 2nd Place European Infantry Cup (66th)
:Spirit: 2nd Place Polish NW Championship 2018 (PE)

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