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S22: Steel Engie 2B or not 2B 4-4
S23: Silver Engie The Nurturers 3-5
S25: Silver Engie The Fireplace 5-5

S1: IM Pyro/Heavy/Soldier Utopia turned Dystopian 1-6 (weird season)
S2: Main Engie 80085 7-3 (3rd Place)
S3: Main Engie As Fortold by Rayman5000 9-1 (1st Place, All Star)
S4: Advanced Engie Marker and E-boy 7-3 (1st Place)
S5: Advanced Engie The Night Crew 2-3
S5: Invite Sweatshop Sadface 2-5

RGL 7s
S5: No Bitch Brigade Div 2 Flex 5-1 (2nd place)


Markers Quotes

"I'm drubk"

"Oh fuck I'm gonna get poopoocacad on"

"God hates figs"

"At least I'm the target for homosexual predators and not a drug dealer"

"I would not let my child go to a furry convention"

"Your dick doesnt have bones in it you dumb fuck"

"Go back to uwu school"

" That dude's dick feels so bad when it's in my butt []"

":^| me rart"

"I was always a sprinter too. But now im fat and retarfdid"

"Goddammit Flem"

"Why do I talk to you?"

"You're a genius"
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james8470 3 hours ago 
no bring back the pfp
james8470 Mar 29 @ 11:17pm 
notice me senpai
RC Polygons Mar 29 @ 8:10pm 
Hey there KangaCoomer, i am the medic that you played on borneo playload while you were trying to out damage that other demo earler today.
Erika Mar 29 @ 5:58pm 
racism is really cool.
james8470 Mar 29 @ 5:37pm 
shia u_u Mar 23 @ 3:51pm 
you left me on read you ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥