phl4rie/Helen   Malaysia
" You have the :cleankey: to my :healthyhearthling:" :ori:
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Studying illustration in college so pretty dead tbh.
Feel free to ask for commissions!
Check me out @ Artstation [www.artstation.com]
Poggers [phl4rie.000webhostapp.com]

Discord- Phl4rie404 #2366
Valorant - phl4rie #3515

I have the worst luck - Dry streak mvm 81 tours (still counting)

cats :2017cat: :2017catheart: :pawscub1:
Don't ask me to join your team or merc, I don't play tf2 anymore.
Competitive History- :2017stickysquirt:
Asia Fortress Cup
AFC11 Div 3 - OTCD- Roamer and Captain 7th place
AFC13 Div 3 - Toucans'- Sub Soldier 5th place
AFC14 Div 3 - Dumplings- Soldier i regret coming back to 6s
AFC16 Div 3 - Reading Specialists -Roam left tw1

UGC Highlander
S14 - The |¢ĸ| Highlander Team Asian Division- Medic
S15 - Kingsmen HL Team- Pyro
S18 - Da HL Klub- Pyro Sub
S21 - OTCD- Pyro
S22 - Anti Toxin HL- Pyro/Medic/Soldier sub
S23 - Tekkadan - Sub
S24 - Unstable Gamers - Pyro 6th place
S25 - Unstable Gamers - Pyro
S26 - Jesa's Fan Club - Sub Soldier/Pyro 3rd place
S27 - Team Team - Pyro 2nd Place
S28 - Team Team - Sub Pyro/Engie 3rd Place
S29 - 花果山 - Sub Pyro
S31 - HLhamsters - Sub(rr)Pyro (tq Joe) 3rd Place
S32 - Kingsmen - Mentor and Main Pyro
S33 - ATF2L Platinum Evanescence - Sub Pyro 3rd Place

Respawn League HL
S2 - Team Team - Sub Pyro
S7 - Evanescence - Sub Pyro 2nd Place

UGC 6s
S? - Terrai Inconita- Roamer/Pocket
S20 - Da 6s Klub- Scout/Roamer/Pocket/Medic
S20 - SpudSquad (6s)- Roamer Sub(Ringer)
S20 - 52_B- Sub
S? - Butterfly Effect-Scout
S21 - BlightFlares- Captain and Multimain
S24 - Anti Toxin- Roamer sub
S26 -Ogygia - Sub
S27 -Souperteam - Sub
S33 -Special needs - Scout sub

UGC 4v4
S11 - The 4'Es

Mouse- Razer Abyssus -125hz -1800dpi
TF2 Sensitivity-1.76 Raw Input/Mouse Filter On.
Dell Gaming Series laptop with Lil Neko :pawscub1: on the side.
Headset- Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

Extra Info-:raresecret:
Name- Phl4rie is a combination of Flare (Phlare) and Fairy.Since i used to main pyro and Sylveon is bae :healthyhearthling:
Age- Get to know me first you stalker
Bday- August 14th.
Gender- ♀ - Trap

Oh, I can't stop feeling I want her love
But all my dreaming is not enough
So in the morning, the sun will rise
And I'll wake up and she won't be mine

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