Mike   Rochester, New York, United States
"It only takes. One key moment, to change everything and anything."

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I honestly love this game, this is my second review. This is very original for a card game. Sometimes I forget it's just a card game. The game is paid attention to and gets updates often. The game has very few bugs and there's a lot of mystery within the lore that makes you wonder. This game can be played over, and over again.
A Little About Myself
Sex: Mail

Age: 17

Hobbies: Writing, Gaming, Designing Video Games/Modding (Coming Soon?), Listening To Music

Favorite Game Genres: Shooters (except Battle Royales), Survival, Strategy, Mystery, Fighting

Favorite Music Genres: Everything (except some Country and most Rap songs)

Aliases: Flare, Mr.Flare, Mike,

Yes. I am a furry. If you have a problem with that then just don't add me, especially if you are going to do nothing but insult me for it for whatever reasons you might have to do so.


Online: Chatting, Might Be Away, Listening To Music, Writing

In-Game: Slow To Respond To Messages, Might Be Away,

Away: I'll Be Back (1 hour or 2 hours)

Invisible: Ninja Vanish!

Offline: Sleeping, Internet Crashed, Computer Crashed, School,