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I couldn't recommend The Witness enough. Despite appearances, The Witness is a game that can be very greatly spoiled for the player. It also happens to be a truly singular game in what it managed to accomplish, and for that reason it's very hard to talk about it while not talking about.. y'know, it.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to tell you what The Witness is not, and maybe by the end of this you'll have a reasonable idea of what to expect.

The Witness is not Sokoban. Sokoban is a puzzle game with no art or narrative, and it's only about pushing boxes around to solve the puzzles you're given. The Witness isn't just about solving puzzles.

The Witness is not The Talos Principle or The Turing Test. The Talos Principle and The Turing Test are both puzzle games with philosophical narratives, but they're built around generic puzzle elements like connecting lasers and moving boxes around. The Witness doesn't build itself on generic puzzle elements.

The Witness is not Pretentious Game. Pretentious Game is a puzzle game explicitly about connecting what you do in the game to a theme, if admittedly in a self-aware fashion. The Witness won't tell you what it's about.

The Witness is not Portal. Portal is a puzzle game designed to guide you towards eureka moments, to make you feel smart for solving its puzzles. The Witness doesn't guide you towards eureka moments, and often times you'll probably feel pretty stupid when you solve puzzles instead.

The Witness is not accessible. I'm not joking when I say that if you want to finish this game, you'll need to be in full possession of all your faculties. You need to be able to see properly. You need to be able to hear properly. You need to be able to move properly. Not least of all, you need to be able to think properly.

Finally, The Witness is not a puzzle game. It's not about solving puzzles. Solving puzzles just happens to be how you interact with it.

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You can never escape the hats.
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o majku ti poljubih, gdje je nađe <3 thanks for the memories triggered by that masterpiece of song
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+rep simp for 9MS
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m4f asmr roleplay yandere flare kidnaps you
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bestest of gamers
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Banana indulgence.